What’s your excuse?

What’s your excuse for not being who you are, where you should be or have what you should have by now?

Is it your circumstances, your confusion, or maybe it’s the company you keep?

If you’ve read even a little of my previous posts, then you know how I feel about our circumstances, our confusion and the company we keep. They are all EXCUSES!

Check out this quote I recently stumbled upon by Dr. Henry Cloud:

Perfectionism is a distraction, a justification for procrastination, an excuse for never getting anything done…


When I first came across this quote that was my first reaction.

Then it was more of a head nod, thinking “yeah, that sounds like me”.

I’d like to sit here and say that USED to be me, but the reality is depending on the task; that quote is totally me!

I didn’t know whether or not to feel better that someone succinctly described the root of my procrastination issue or disappointed that I’d been “found out”.

Look at what this quote has pointed out about perfectionism:

  • It’s a distraction
  • It’s a justification for procrastination
  • An excuse for never getting anything done

A perfectionist’s greatest fear is that it (whatever that is) will never be good enough!

Can you say total killjoy?!

If you ever want to suck the life and fun out of a project – shoot for perfection.

Trust me, I know!

So what do you do when the perfectionism fever strikes? Here’s ONE thing you can do…prioritize your focus!

Then take a look at the before mentioned list of what perfectionism brings – distraction, procrastination and excuses.

Um, thanks, but NO!

And if distraction, procrastination and excuses aren’t enough, here’s some things you can “enjoy” as a perfectionist:

  • You never celebrate a job completed because you never get started!! (not the right time, place…)
  • You ruin your creativity and curiosity because you are constantly going back and refining.
  • Blinded by opportunities right in front of you because you are only looking for the “perfect” one.
  • You are not much fun to be around!

So is there a cure for perfectionism?

Sure! Stop making excuses and just make PROGRESS!!

Success is in the journey friends and if we don’t learn from our mistakes, how can we expect to improve and grow into who we need to be for where it is we are going.

Going in the direction of my dreams one mistake at a time right there with you,
~ Deana



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