FAITH – Kiddie Pool or Ocean Deep?

Faith. That’s what’s been on my mind (a LOT) recently. This week I have been forced to answer this question: Is my faith kiddie pool or ocean deep?

Topics usually come to me well in advance of having to submit my posts, but this week circumstances shook me and took me directly to having to question how deep my faith really is when it comes to the storms in my life.

Today’s post is (fearfully) directly from my personal journal this week. Believe me when I tell you I prayed for something else “relevant” to write! Part of me wants you to skip this post because it’s too personal, yet there’s a sense and a hope it may just be the confirmation someone needs to know – that they are not alone.

Big (SIGH) here…

Faith. That’s the word I kept replaying over and over in my mind last night. Then out of nowhere this acronym came to mind:



Following after God

Although I feel that


Things are

Happening to me

The Bible has so much to say about faith.

As a matter of fact, I did some massive scripture research a few years ago. (actually went and dug those notes up) It amazes me that God would have me do the ‘work’ so long ago, knowing it’s now that I need it.

As I look over these notes, I can’t help but recognize my own pride! When I wrote them and did the research, it was written for others because it was the ‘message’ I felt they needed to hear. (ouch!) I don’t doubt that God used the information that I shared with them that day for their benefit in some way despite me! I’ve certainly learned over the years that God doesn’t NEED me for His purposes, but he wants to use me and likes me to be an active and willing participant.

So today as I reflect (my 2016 word) on my faith walk, or lacking…I’m forced to be honest with what my faith really looks like.

I think I try and keep steady, but I’m realizing there are times where my faith is as shallow as a kiddie pool! (umm…like now)

Often times I know I should be in the deep waters where God is calling me and I should be enjoying what I discover under there because I have my oxygen (Holy Spirit), my mask (Jesus; seeing what he sees) and my guide (God).  But instead of gearing up properly and making my way to the deep gradually, I find myself being ‘thrown’ into the deep and now it’s Jesus 911!

This Jesus 911 reminds me of a quote I wrote down years ago by Paul David Tripp’s Theology of Grace –

“God will take you where you haven’t intended to go,
in order to produce in you what you couldn’t achieve on your own”

Why do I knowingly do this to myself? I know which method is more enjoyable, I know I have all the tools I need…

This storm is rough!

Lord, I need not throw away my confidence; you see me, know me, my circumstances and already have me covered. You promise to reward my faithfulness, trust & obedience. Help me to persevere right now.

So then, faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17

Hearing – an active word, it’s a verb, it’s happening, it’s constant. By – through, way of

Maybe you can relate, maybe there is a situation happening in your life right now where you have to answer the question – Is my faith kiddie pool or ocean deep?

Praying for grace, guidance & confidence in the oceans deep right there with you!

Not even kidding, but as I typed my name, this song, Oceans just started playing on my Pandora right now – God sees us my friends! xoxoxox


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