Fitting in or finding your fit?

Depending on your age, you may instinctively want to profess that you are so over “fitting in”. Yet most of us (at any age) are still striving to find our “right fit” in life.

Does this sound familiar?

You often find yourself worrying about what others think about:

  • your relationships/business/finances
  • what you’re wearing
  • where you’re living
  • if you’re educated 
  • how many likes, followers, subscribers…you have

Sis, those are signs you are trying to fit in. Need some more clues?

When you are more focused on others opinions than you are your own convictions – you are trying to fit in.

These are all indicators that you are spending your energy on chasing a life instead of living one.

Your energy should be focused on finding ways to L.O.V.E. you better, so that you can find and know what your right fit is!

Want to know when you know?

Finding your fit means you strive to live your truth whether others agree with it or not.

Finding your fit means managing your time and energy according to your priorities.

It means you’ll have to stop people pleasing and start actively achieving YOUR goals!

We are all a busy bunch these days, but wouldn’t it benefit every one of us if we were really mindful of where we spend our time and energy? 

Think of how your relationships would benefit from you being authentic? How could your business/work benefit from your being aware of when you are trying to fit in? What about your creativity – what projects could emerge from that brain of yours without the distraction of trying to fit in? The list is probably as endless as the hacks we try and use to shortcut our way to success.

Spoiler alert – success can only be defined by the individual AND only comes from knowing what direction you’re headed, taking the time to prepare for the journey and why you want to get there in the first place. Oh, and there are two other key components – do the work and consistency.

Working on my right fit more than fitting in right there with ya,

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