It's time to ditch the do-it-BY-yourself digital courses and step into

Focus Mini-Labs

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a place providing opportunity for experimentation, observation, or practice in a field of study

Focus Mini-Labs are all about getting you the QUICK WINS you need in order to:

  • ditch the overwhelm and take action
  • gain confidence in what you're doing
  • stop starting over (and over, and over...)
  • spend your time wisely
  • focus on what matters and know why
mini labs

Yep! That's ☝ me and I'm ready to experiment in the Focus Lab for better results than what I've been getting.

Functioning At Your Best Can Be FUN!!

Speaking of Quick Wins - Here's One For You...


 👉Time management is a SKILL that can be improved and practiced. But...they've been sold to us as methods. 😕

📌Methods are the way that you repeatedly hit your goals. They can be adapted and personalized.

🙌Deana will guide you through finding the BEST of both for YOU! Wanna peek at some?

Tools to Improve Time Management Skills

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Prioritized Focus Method for Repeated Wins

  • Step 1


    the goal and why it matters to YOU

  • Step 2


    the gap between YOU and your goal

  • Step 3


    self-management strategies that will work best for YOU

  • Step 4

    Do It!

    YOU apply and take action on steps 1-3

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Ready to quit procrastinating pursuing your REAL dream (again)?

It’s time to stop hiding behind busy, fear
and the other excuses you cling on to and
prioritize the focus needed to propel
your faith, life & business

Focus Mini-Lab (Monthly)

What's included?

  • ONE LIVE group training session  (the month's Focused topic)
  • A Recorded version or actual recording from the live training
  • workbook to support retention of the training
  • ONE LIVE Questions & Accountability group call to help you personalize & implement the FOCUS topic
  • Weekly emails with reminders, encouragement, and accountability checks
  • On-demand access via a private APP with recordings, pdfs, tips & more (works on your phone or desktop!)


  • One 30-Day Prioritized Focus Success Planner (domestic U.S. only)
  • One member per month will win a personalized 30 min. HOT SEAT strategy session - members will get to see how Prioritized Focus works in someone’s REAL life!
  • Members can earn drawing entries in order to win the FREE swag each month

What's the cost?
To be honest, this is the part I went back and forth on, and am bucking the industry expectations and standards when it comes to what something like this should be priced.

For you, a founding member, and since this is my own little experiment, for now it's just...$37/month 😱

Registration for the Next Focus Mini-Lab Ends


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