It's time to ditch the do-it-BY-yourself digital courses and step into

Personalized Focus Mini-Labs

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It's time for a Personalized Focus Mini-Lab if you're tired of the expensive do-it-by-yourself digital courses.

As a woman in business you need to prioritize both your time & your money. Let's face it, time is money, and money buys freedom! So you should use it wisely, and not because of FOMO. 

Get the face-to-face interaction, guidance, tools & support you deserve! And in a way that's specific for your goal-getting! 


Personalized Focus Mini-Labs are for you if. . .

You're ready for the QUICK WINS you need in order to:

  • ditch the overwhelm and take action
  • gain confidence in what you're doing
  • stop starting over (and over, and over...)
  • spend your time wisely
  • focus on what matters and know why
personalized mini labs

Speaking of Quick Wins – Here's One For You...


 Time management is a SKILL that can be improved and practiced.
But...they've been sold to us as methods. 

Methods are the way that you repeatedly hit your goals.
They can be adapted and personalized.


Deana will guide you through finding the BEST of both for YOU!

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Functioning At Your Best Can Be FUN!!

Your Personalized Focus Mini-Lab



  • ONE LIVE 90 minute session
  • A recap & next steps email
  • Printable(s) to support retention & actionability
  • One follow-up call/Questions & Accountability


  • A 30-Day Prioritized Focus Success Planner 
  • Surprise Happy Mail
  • Special pricing on events & courses


What's the cost?
To be honest, this is the part I went back and forth on, and am bucking the industry expectations and standards when it comes to what something like this should be priced.

For you, and since this is my own little experiment, for now it's just...$147 😱

Frequently Asked Questions

Since 2010 I've been coaching women to pursue their dream through the vehicle of their business. First, as a leader in direct sales, but then I became more excited when members left my team to open their own businesses, that's when I knew it was time for me to do the same. 

I've been Deana Farrell LLC since 2016. (so I also know what it's like to work on your dream while still working your day job) 

My little business has grown over the last few years to include speaking, consulting, and training groups and organizations.  But giving women the permission, proof & push they need to pursue their God-given dream is still one of my favorite parts of my business!


If by expert, you mean what NOT to do on your way to your dream…then I am totally an "expert". 👩‍🏫

But in all seriousness, I'm an excellent student of all things self-development. 

Specifically, learning to be the WHO I need to be in order to handle the WHAT He's assigned to me.

As someone who just HAS to share what works, then I'm totally the expert of keeping no good tool or resource to myself LOL!

I'm creative by nature so by implementing what works in my own real life after tweaks, trials, and lots of errors. These experiences have me quick to share & teach those methods and lessons to others. (at least those who will listen)

My hope is that they will then tweak, try and make their own effective methods! So far so good 😉

No offense to any coach out there doing their thing, but for me - it’s not about making a quick buck.

I don't know about you, but if I see another coach LEAD with an ad of how they can help you make 6 figures by doing their exclusive and pricey... XYZ - I think my eyeballs will get stuck from rolling so much!

Money in business is necessary, yes, (otherwise it's just a hobby), but it should not be your key motivator. 🚫Eh-vah

Helping connect the dots from that “crazy dream” and showing it's actually what God designed for you to give back to the world IS the assignment that I was given and now the foundation of my business!

It's not about the type of woman as much as it is her attitude. 

That makes all the difference in BOTH our success!

Not a fan of whiners, what if-ers, those who are stuck in the why me, if only, and follow the first thing that pops up in their newsfeed.

I enjoy working with women who know they have "something" but just need some guidance clarifying it.

Once they trust me to guide them through the process, and willing to dig in and do the work - it's so much easier to help them.

Together we create the systems that will give them the inspiration that keeps them motivated to GO GET IT!

What others have to say...


“Deana is the cheerleader I never knew I needed!  I launched my business in the midst of uncertain times and the future is bright."



Quilt Concierge

“Before Deana my days were cluttered and overwhelming to say the least...her plan and direction is easy to follow and gives you immediate results."


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Each Mini-Lab Will Be Centered On A Step In The Prioritized Focus Method for Repeated Wins

  • Step 1


    the goal and why it matters to YOU

  • Step 2


    the gap between YOU and your goal

  • Step 3


    plans & strategies that will work best for YOU

  • Step 4

    Do It!

    YOU apply and take action on steps 1-3

Will I See You "in the lab"?

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Ready to quit procrastinating pursuing your REAL dream (again)?

It’s time to stop hiding behind busy, fear
and the other excuses you cling on to and
prioritize the focus needed to propel
your faith, life & business

Not Sure If You're Ready For A Mini-Lab?

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