The EDGE that will keep you a focused sharpenHER

ax leaning against wall with sharpen your skills written on the wall

Knowing the EDGE that will keep you a focused sharpenHER is also the very thing that separates you from the status quo. As a valued, amazing lady in business, do you know what keeps you sharp and focused?

The ability to get and remain sharp is what’s known in the industry (that’s any, by the way) as your competitive edge. As focused goal-getters sometimes it’s worth not only remembering this, but checking your sharpness from time to time.

Yes, focused sharpenHER is a play on words. I work with mostly women and I will try any way that I can to remind her of her strengths, potential, and help her make focused progress.

Becoming a focused sharpenHER requires knowing what it is about you that…

  • keeps you engaged & driven
  • pursuing the right things
  • understanding timing
  • owning your why behind your reasons

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Keeping sharp is the key to her success.

You may have to work even harder to spend less time feeling cranky, crushed, and constrained by circumstances. I get how easy that sounds. I struggle to get past those same things myself at times.

Here’s what dulls a focused sharpenHER…

  • spending far too much time on your weaknesses,
  • hiding from your next steps, or
  • denying that you’re stuck

…are exactly the types of “work” that wastes your time and your potential. Neither of those are keeping you sharp or making progress toward your goal.

Surely you’re already aware of things and areas that need improvement in order to get better. What I’m asking you to do is pause and ask yourself, “better at what, and why?”

See, if you’re not careful, it’s those “better” things that can distract you from knowing what will really MOVE you toward you most desired goals! If you need to release yourself from some of the guilt behind your lack or too slow for you movement, read this post.

Finding the focused sharpenHER’s EDGE

Found in one of the “wisdom books” of the Bible, I’ve found a good reminder of what spending too much time on your weakness brings. In other words, the things that keep you dull. And it’s not what focused sharpenHERs like us need to be spending our time doing or being.

Here’s where we find the ancient secret that for thousands of years has helped goal-getters stay sharp and achieve success.

If the ax is dull and its edge unsharpened,
more strength is needed, but skill will bring success.
Ecclessiastes 10:10

Focused sharpenHERs spend more time on their EDGE than working to make up for what’s dull.

ax leaning against wall with sharpen your skills written on the wall

Do you see the correlation here? When it comes to our weaknesses we tend to exhaust ourselves by choosing to “swing harder.” As in, put our heads down and get to work. Or…open our wallets and have someone else tell us what works. Sadly, we do this before fully taking the time to evaluate or assess what we’re supposed to be sharpening.

Don’t miss this – the ax is your tool in which we use to show your strength.

Expanding and improving on what you already know comes by sharpening your skills.

Skill is your ability to use what you know and apply it – your EDGE.

A focused sharpenHER knows her EDGE

VAL, that’s you, valued amazing lady, when you can define your strengths and do what it takes to work in them is when you have found the way to stay sharp!

In order to achieve my goal of becoming an inspiring speaker/writer/coach, I’ll need to focus on the strengths I already have and improve them through practice. Practice is what makes you skilled. Can I get good at other things? Sure, but if it’s not a strength, then it will only be good, not a mastered skill.

The more I choose to speak/write/coach, the more I’m sharpening my EDGE.

What’s your EDGE? Once you are able to define it, here are 4 ways to keep it sharp!

4 Ways to Keep Your EDGE Sharp!


It’s important for you to embrace your strengths. Your work will be more enjoyable.


If you aren’t going to be determined to make progress a primary goal, you only frustrate yourself and increase your chances of wanting to give up.


How often are you extending grace to others? Well, wouldn’t it make sense to do the same for yourself? Give yourself grace for your pace and please, keep your eyes on your race, not hers.


Taking the time to educate yourself is a good habit. Getting stuck there and overinforming yourself more than you practice, not so much. So be sure to educate, try, experiment, and then go back and educate some more. Think of it as learning just enough for the very next step.

Hoping this helps you not only work smartHER, but as a focused sharpenHER my fellow goal-getting valued amazing lady in business!

Working to sharpen my EDGE right there with ya,

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