Determination + Preparation = Transformation

Formula for success? Perhaps.

I don’t know or have a formula because honestly success is different for everyone. And we can all “arrive” in various ways.

This equation came to me on my way home from the gym. It was a particularly hard class that I’ve been avoiding for quite some time.
Here’s a Facebook post from a couple of weeks ago about my personal fitness transformation, thus far. I still have a ways to go, but progress is certainly a fantastic motivator!

I guess looking back, I can say that I was more preparing for this class than avoiding it. In order for me to reach my next level of fitness goals I have to be determined (mindset) and then prepared (take action) or I will not see the transformation (results) I am hoping to achieve.

The same is true in other areas of our lives. Namely, the 4 F’s that totally frustrate us!

Our faith –> what we believe to be true
How determined are you to stand up for what you believe in and what actions do you need to take to transform into that belief? Need more confidence, gratitude, kindness, love… in your life? We act what we believe; you literally walk your talk.

Our family/friends –> relationships
How determined are you to improve a relationship more than you are to prove something within it? What will it take to make that transformation?

Our finances –> what keeps us in or gets us out of debt
How determined are you to take that trip, pay that tuition, live with purpose & pride instead of working for the purpose to pay for your living? What are you willing to do to transform your finances to reflect the life you want to live?

Our fuel –> what inspires and motivates us
This is often the one that we ignore, but the one that has to most power to make a difference in where we are to where we want to be! Because our fuel falls under self-care, we often confuse or get accused of it being selfish. It is NOT when you are determined to work it into your schedule and are prepared to protect it. Want to know HOW? Go here!

So whether or not you call this the formula for success, I for one will use it to help me remember just what it will require of ME to get where I want to go. I hope it helps you too!

Using determination + preparation to get to my transformation right there with you ,
~ Deana

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