Missing the Gains in pursuit of the Goal

Are you missing the gains that are showing your progress while in pursuit of your goal?

No pain, no gain. We’ve all heard and know that sentiment as well as what it implies, but what if I told you that in your intense pursuit of your goal you may be missing the gains?

Without measurable results, how do we even know if we are on track toward closing the gap to our intended achievements?

Listen, I’m all about prioritized focus on what needs to be done as it relates to accomplishing the tasks it takes to see a goal met. However, many of us can get so caught up and overly focused on the GO of our goals that we are missing the power of now.

Does that sound like you?

Too wrapped up in what’s next that you miss the gift of now. I’ve been there (and revisit every now and again too)

Let’s take a moment and maybe even a breath to be present and assess where we are right now.

Are you distracted, depleted, discouraged or so completely driven and focused that you barely have time to notice your own reality, let alone that of anyone else?

I don’t claim to know where you are right now in your pain, gain or goal-getting journey or even the processing you are doing to sort it all out right now.

I may have just stirred up the tension of the gain in the pursuit of your goals and now you are feeling slightly annoyed with me.

Here’s what I do know, that while it’s good to pursue a goal, it’s imperative that we take the pauses to measure our gains for the purpose of encouragement, growth and dare I even say…motivation.

Working to appreciate the pains of my gains for the gains of my goals right there with ya,


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  1. Kathy Branin on February 20, 2020 at 5:37 am

    Powerful words, D. It’s easy to lose track. The thing is, God has us exactly where we are supposed to be. We’ve got to remember to enjoy the moment we are in. Xoxox

    • DeanaFarrell on March 29, 2020 at 3:58 pm

      Most definitely agree Kathy! But often times easier said than recognized as His timing & place…(guilty).

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