Goals Reloaded: A 30-Day At A Time Focus

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Goals, goals, goals. Whether in active pursuit or a someday aspiration, we’ve all got goals. The biggest difference between the repeat setters and the actual getters is the amount of time, focus, and motive given to the goal. 

Before we get any further, your eyes begin to glaze over and you start disappearing into assumptions about what this post will cover…

I need you to consider this sentiment.

Got your attention?

Good, because now with that important factor in mind, we can productively pursue our part in the process.

In this post, we’re going to explore short-term goals, specifically 30 days at a time, and how effective they can be in getting you to your long-term goals faster.

If you’re someone who has no trouble setting a goal, but then find yourself navigating more problems than a math book trying to achieve them, you’re in the right place.

Becoming a 30-day goal-getter could be just the level of focus you can handle and the game-changer you’ve been looking for.

In 2016 when I jumped into the online business world and started blogging weekly, I quickly began identifying as a time management flunky.  

Deana with a silly face

Seriously, I was working, working, working, but didn’t seem to be getting anywhere. At least anywhere I thought I wanted to be. (God always has bigger and better plans doesn’t He? But that’s a whole ‘nother story!)

Anyway, I was determined to get to the bottom of my time management issues. Clearly, that was the problem and surely, there had to be a better way of getting all the things done before the 11th hour.

Frustration can be an excellent motivator.

In my case, I used it as a starting point. I decided to see where my time was really going instead of wondering where it went. Week after week.

As a creative, I had to make this investigation process fun, visible, and doable. So I came up with what I called a daily Progress Tracker.

Just one sheet of paper with spaces to record my grateful thoughts, top priorities, brain dumps, whines, wins, and timestamps from 5 am – 9 pm.

I committed to filling out this sheet of paper for one week.

No cheating by policing myself and only recording what “looked good.” No, this was a straight-up hour-by-hour time assessment for seven days in a row.

At the end of the week, I tallied up the hours and how they were spent.

And that my friend is where the truth was exposed.

Aha moments can lead to pivotal movements. Those movements can create opportunities for making your minutes count.

Good, bad, and ugly truths were finally revealed thanks to my 7-day unfiltered and merciless time tracking.

Thanks to my Progress Tracker, I now knew things like: 

  • How long it took me to write, edit, create graphics for, and publish a blog, a social media post, or schedule an email. 
  • How long a trip to the food store, unloading, and putting everything away took me.
  • How many hours a day were spent cleaning, dressing, prepping/cleaning, watching TV, scrolling, laundry, bathroom, snack, and procrastination breaks…(told ya, I recorded everything)

Using these truths helped me craft a more realistic workflow the following week.

Deana looking up from her Prioritized Focus Planner

Instead of wandering my way to my goals for the week and waiting for the right time and mood to strike, I had an actual plan. And I was excited to put it into action. 

Making sense of the messy ideas I want to turn into finished projects is no longer intimidating or frustrating. The same can be true for you too.

Mastering your goals with a 30-day at a time focus becomes an art you love creating.

Taking a 30-day-at-a-time focus has been the game changer that helped me write and publish over 200 blog posts, share my Prioritized Focus method through courses, products, and most recently. . . a book!

The piece of paper that started it all. . .

photo collage of various pictures of Deana's Prioritize Focus books

What if planning your goals with a 30-day at a time focus blazes a progress making trail for you too?

Still having reservations, or not quite convinced you could do it?

What if I gave you a short list of the benefits associated with short-term goal-getting? Would that encourage you to give it a try?

3 Benefits of Short-Term Goals 

  1. The Power of Reward
    Achieving goals in a short timeframe is just the positive reward we all love and crave. Otherwise known as, dopamine. Having 30-day goals helps you learn to see and celebrate your accomplishments!
  2. Momentum Building
    Momentum is movement’s best friend and together they create progress. Progress keeps you from getting bored or abandoning your goals too soon. With a 30-day time window, the end is always in sight, and that in itself can keep you motivated to reach the finish line.
  3. Sustainable & Repeatable
    By keeping the timeframe shorter there’s little to no room for procrastination or perfectionism. Plus, short-term goals reveal your habits. You get to decide which habits you’ve outgrown and which are worthy of carrying over into your next 30 days.

Tackling 30-Day at a time focus doesn’t have to be boring, but the process should be fun and informing.

My 7-day Progress Tracking Experiment began with just seven printed sheets of paper to honestly assess where my time was being used.

Important truths exposed and addressed evolved into printing thirty pages at a time! These thirty pages were gathered into clear report covers and became my productivity power tool. Month after month until…

30-day planners with ribbon bows

In 2017 the 30-Day Prioritized Focus Success Planner was officially born and I’ve been sharing it with anyone who needs to approach goal getting differently just as long.

The cool thing about this tool is how many different uses others find for it! Here are just some of the creative ways that have been shared with me how this 30-Day Planner has been used effectively:

  • a homeschooling parent’s favorite resource to keep on top of each kid’s assignments, schedule & progress
  • the gym rat’s fitness buddy and progress record
  • high school/college student’s project & life management “system”
  • the entrepreneur’s encouragement you are getting somewhere with intention & focus

How would you use the 30-Day Prioritized Focus Success Planner? Whether the OG version (limited supply) or the NEW updated 3rd edition, I’m confident you’ll find short-term goal getting fun and effective.

Go ahead and try it, I dare ya! And if you send me your review, I’ll send you a discount code to use in the Focus Shop!

What kind of progress will you be celebrating 30 days from now? Don’t guess, take action.

You get to decide if and how you’ll get after those goals of yours!

Remember no matter what methods you use or metrics you choose to measure how you’re doing. Ultimately, you can’t force the progress God needs you to make through His process.

Before you prepare, plan, or posture yourself for achieving your next goal, be sure you’re in alignment with His for you first.

Keeping first things first and a short-term focus opens you up to the right movements that create momentum building motivation and progress that’s repeatable & sustainable!

goal getting differently, but consistently right there with ya,

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