Does your dream have the right GPS?

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Having the right GPS is necessary if you ever hope to make progress toward your dreams whether in your faith, life, or business.

Everyone has a GPS these days. They’re built into our smartphones and our cars (unless your car is as old as mine – who knew 2012 was “ancient”?)

We rarely go anywhere these days without a quick consult from Google maps 📍 Well, that is if you’re old school like me, please tell me that I’m not the only one that still goes online and prints mapquest directions for long trips? 


Do you know if your dream has the right GPS to get you even near it?

Most women become planning ninjas when it comes to just about anything, but won’t give the proper time and attention to the right GPS for her own dream.

Why is that?!

I’ll give you three quick reasons right off the top of my head…

☝ Fear

✌ Lack of clarity

👌 Unrealistic expectations, or in other words, PERFECTIONISM

But that’d be a whole ‘nother blog post. Today I want to make sure that your personal GPS is right for you and your dream!

We all have dreams, some are similar, and some could even be considered common. But where the dream differs is HOW we get there.

Now I’ve written about BIG dreams before and I encourage you to go ahead and read it, and just know this about me…I’ll keep trying every which way to explain it until one of the ways STICKS! So we’ll call this one a “new version”…

Every BIG cRaZy dream needs a specially calibrated GPS:

🎯 Goals

Goals are the target markers for our progress. More than that, they are the milestones we achieve on the way to our goal. For our GPS purposes and analogy here, we’ll call them, mile markers 😉

🏹 Plans

Plans are what’s necessary to even begin making a goal possible. People often mix up goals and plans. Goal = target. Plans = the tools.

🔁 Systems

Systems are the proven processes you repeat in order to reach your goals/milestones.

to repeat the process of goal achievement.

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Let’s get to calibrating your GPS properly, shall we?

First, you must identify the Goal.

Sounds silly, but you’d be surprised how many cannot clearly define what “the goal” really is for themselves. YOU have got to be able to answer for yourself:

  • What do you really want?
  • When do you want this to happen?
  • WHY is this so important to you?

Next, you need to be able to clarify the Plan, your plan.

This is another popular area where wrong turns seem to abound. Mostly because you’ll be tempted to take someone else’s plan for your own. Sorry, but that is just a detour waiting to happen.

Directions and guidance are great and very important, but you are ultimately responsible for HOW you’ll get there.

Now with that in mind, you need to be able to determine what you will need to make the trip from your here to your there. Things like:

  • What are you going to DO each day, week, or month…to move you closer?
  • When will you know that you are making progress?
  • WHY did you decide on “this strategy” and the backup plan you have if you need it.

Your plan has no chance of succeeding if you cannot confidently answer these for yourself. But once you do, you can crank up your playlist and hit the road!

A little something for those who may be a bit Focused Challenged 😉

AIM guide invite with pictures of the workbook

Finally, you need to embrace the System that works for you.

Think of a system as the process that you have personally created and curated to help you repeat achieving goals. Creating successful systems is based on your experience. Or if you’re borrowing a system, the one you tweak is based on their experience.

But the cool thing is that when you adapt or adopt a system, it’s because it works!

Remember, a system is the proven method for goal achievement. So the system that works for you is the one that you have collected your own data and resources and then tweaked them to suit your plan for your goal.

There are three characteristics to keep in mind when building your system:

  1. you’re able to document it
  2. it keeps you accountable
  3. it’s repeatable

Now you have a way to check up on yourself and see if your dream has the right GPS – Goal, Plan, and System!

It’s so important for you to create, know and use your dream GPS so that you can be the goal-getter you were meant to be.

experimenting & tweaking my own dream GPS right there with you,

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