Graceful Growth: How Women in Business Leverage Accountability

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In the world of solopreneurship, learning how to create and cultivate some graceful growth can prove to be critical. Especially as you’re the one and only accountable party for the success of your business and beyond.

The road to personal, spiritual, and professional growth is littered with those who gave up too soon. We often look to new, better or even proven paths to our desired destinations. But there’s something that will keep us going and growing in the right direction, accountability.

Accountability can stand as pillars of strength, courage and flexibility. Not just in your business ventures, but with a much wider reach and impact.

Growing gracefully is a reality women in business need to embrace, contend with and get comfortable practicing. Especially if they hope to see what they dream connect with what they are doing.

Think of what growing gracefully and accountability stand for when it comes to the foundations of your faith, life, and business.

In today’s post I want to help you take a look at those foundations a bit more closely.

Growth and Stewarding what you’ve been entrusted with.

Embracing grace and accountability in business aligns with the biblical principle of stewardship. As a Valued, Amazing Lady in business, you’ve got to recognize that you have been gifted and commissioned by God to help others.

Yes, God works through you first and foremost, but your business is the vehicle you’ve been entrusted with to grow and steward well. How’s that going?

You are accountable for those gifts, talents, opportunities, and resources you use for the sake of others through your business. The ones you neglect, as well as the ones you utilize! Which do you think will be the better to focus on?

Hopefully, this mindset fosters responsible management and a desire to use what God gave you respectfully, honorably, and generously.

“Now it is required that those who have been given a trust
must prove faithful.”

1 Corinthians 4:2 NIV

You don’t take seriously the importance of faithfulness and responsibility in managing what’s been entrusted to you, how can you expect to have or receive more?

Compassion, Forgiveness and Leadership

Leading with grace is what women entrepreneurs are often known for. Even embodying compassion and forgiveness in their leadership style. Most of the time without even realizing it, it’s just “who they are” and it shows.

Are you one that can be found extended grace to others, offering second chances and being exceptionally understanding?

How many times has that been to your own detriment?

Toxic partnerships, relationships, and tolerating lack of integrity, can be our downfall for sure. Be sure to not confuse compassion, forgiveness, and grace as free passes to being used!

Pay attention to what it takes to hold yourself accountable to the principles of servant leadership, without losing sight of who it is you truly serve and why.


Growing gracefully in Business Commitments:

Your commitments and contracts need to be honored — period.

Upholding ethical standards and being accountable in your dealings (whether business or otherwise), you exemplify integrity and bring the kind of branding and reputation that brings others to you. And that happens because of your practices more than your promotions.

So what have your practices been revealing about your business dealings, expectations, and even partnerships lately?

VAL, (Valued, Amazing Lady) chasing business is never a good look, yet there are so many doing just that. I get it, not knowing when or where you next client is going to say, “YES, I want to work with/buy from you!” can cause you to worry.

Mess acronym and link to

Your worry can then turn into panic and cause you to hurry to what’s next, trending, or selling instead of assessing your missing piece and dealing with it. Speaking of assessing the missing pieces in your business…Click Here to take the QUIZ.

Worry is a distraction and misused opportunity to activate your imagination and creativity!

You were created from God’s imagination so don’t you think there’s some pretty amazing ideas within your very DNA?

Believing in what you do, how you do it and who you do it for is the most attractive “branding” you can do for yourself and your business. Focus on that!

Graceful Growth through Humility

Although it may be true and known, humbly accepting feedback and acknowledging limitations…can be tough.

But, those who realize it for what it is and if it comes from the hearts of people you respect and trust, it can be a game changer!

Your having a teachable spirit and a willingness to learn from both successes and failures, you come to experience personal and professional growth. The cool part is you have double the availability and capacity for graceful growth. Through your own successes and failures, and from others!

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Accountability and Grace in Action

All while recognizing that your ultimate provider is God, teacher is Christ, and guide is the Holy Spirit.

I hope that you realize everything that exists, available, or yet to be invented all comes from what has already been created. There are NO more diamonds in the world, yet, they are being found and discovered everyday. Hence, God is the ultimate provider.

Thousands of years later, love or hate him, Jesus’ still the most impactful, influential, and increasingly best known leader of all time. What can’t you learn from the life of Jesus?

I understand how confusing following the Holy Spirit can sound, but not when you think of it in terms of God’s promise to you. The Holy Spirit is the power, wisdom, and gifts of God indwelled in those who have accepted His solution for sin (missing the mark), Jesus Christ, the Savior.

You can read more of my beliefs here on my FAQ’s page where I recently updated to include my statement of faith. (one of the best exercises I’ve done by the way!)

Serving Others with Graceful Excellence

Above all, strive for excellence in all that you do. We talked about this before in our Breezy Business series of posts a few weeks ago. Click Here to read the one on excellence.

As a Valued, Amazing Lady in business you and I seek to serve others with grace in our interactions with our customers and clients, families, and even within the broader reach of community.

gracefully growing with prioritized focus right there with ya,

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