Green with envy or green with growth.

That is the “outfit” we will be talking about here.

We were meant for community, not competition – yet that seems to be the opposite message in our culture.

Let’s take the first “outfit” – envy.

Envy is feeling discontent, resentful longing for someone else’s possessions, qualities or luck.

We are a jealous bunch most days. Maybe it’s because of… her perfect hair, flawless skin, exquisite wardrobe, gifted and talented family, ministry, work and the list can go on and on and on…

So when was the last time you wore your green with envy outfit? Today, yesterday, last week…

What’s most interesting about this green with envy outfit is that it’s really not attractive on anyone, no matter how cute your shoes, purse or how you try to accessorize.

Yet with how unattractive this green with envy outfit is, you can still find it in our closets!

I know mine is there and I can change into it faster that Clark Kent in a phone booth and  it’s right there next to those pair of jeans that I LOVE even though it was two sizes ago!

So why do we insist on keeping that hideous envy outfit when we COULD have a ridiculously beautiful assortment of green with growth outfits that look GREAT on us?!

Probably because we often feel subconscious wearing these green outfits.

We feel vulnerable, exposed, uncomfortable and even unworthy of showing off our growth.

We have to stop letting our BUTS and our pasts get in the way of wearing our growth!

Could you imagine the culture we could create if we proudly wore our green with growth outfits?

Or if we could at least create communities that encourage one another to not only GO Green, but show the way!

So today I encourage you to go ahead and show how you’ve grown your boldness, kindness, compassion, generosity and the real drop the mic look, selflessness!

Don’t make excuses for not looking for NEW green outfits anymore either! We all could use some new growth in our wardrobes!

Trying to stay green, share the growth & let it show right there with you!


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