Growth Is Optional



My kitchen window reminder of Who it is that has me, my day and the resources He’s given me to GROW. All I have to do is make the choice to believe it.

You’ve heard the saying before – change is inevitable, but growth is optional.

But have you ever really given that sentiment more than a nod of agreement? Often times we feel so stuck or lost that we can’t see past our own circumstances. Instead we find ourselves wallowing in what’s wrong instead of being thankful for what’s right.

Thanks to how God instrumentally used my past, not so great seasons, I can now recognize and appreciate my current ‘what’s going right’ as victories! In my personal life and my bag biz.

Today I want to share something with you that I wrote six months ago for the single women that I volunteer with at the ACRMThe irony is that although I wrote it to share with them, circumstances changed and three other groups of women heard it before they did. I was told by each separate group that it was right on time for them and today I pray it’s on time for you.

I have learned that any real change begins with me and my…CHOICES.

Circumstances do not dictate the outcome of a situation, but my response can.
I’ve learned that I can’t always control what happens to me, but I can certainly control what I choose to do about it. There’s a BIG difference between react and respond. Reacting is emotional and usually pretty immediate, while responding typically comes after some thought and is rational.

Help. Am I recognizing and seeking help for myself in areas that I’m struggling? Or am I too ashamed?
We live in a culture that thrives on shame and blame rather than accountability and servant-hood. When I find myself stuck, I need to be the one to, swallow my pride, seek out help and resources and use them. God has never failed to send me a resource when I prayed for help.

Opportunity. Would I recognize opportunity or am I wishing, hoping and focused on the changes I want instead of what’s in front of me?
Often times I can focus on someone else’s grass while mine is dying!!  By the same token, I shouldn’t let someone’s ‘grass’ die if I can help it! I can water what I have while I help others. So I’ve learned opportunity is okay to take, but also should be shared with others.

Inspiration. Am I inspiring others as much as others are inspiring me?
What I take for granted, others may be praying for and vice versa! Holding a hand to help someone is just as inspiring as it is to have a hand to hold onto when I’m in need help. (The what doesn’t really start to matter or inspire until you know the WHY behind it.) Inspire someone to find their WHY and if you don’t know yours – start there or find someone to help you find yours!If you read my post last week then you know WHY I’m in Hot Purse-Suit.

Commitment. Learn to grow and improve while in the ‘valley of wait’.
When it comes to success in life I want to be like a fine wine. (like yesterday) But first, I have to remember that wine starts out as a grape, and that grape needs to be ripe, then it needs to be squeeeeeezed… So when I’m feeling impatient and squeezed, I remember that I must not be ‘ripe’ yet and more importantly, fine wine takes time or it will be bitter. God is never late, but He is always on time!

Example or warning? I act what I believe. More is caught than taught – what are people ‘catching’ from me?

Success. “Success” comes when I focus on who I’m going to be, before I decide what I’m going to do. I want my children to ‘catch’ who I am more than I can teach them who I or they need to be.

I pray this encourages you to grow through whatever season or changes that come your way!

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Growing right there with you, one CHOICE and one day at a time,


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