How to effectively hatch, detach or patch a plan

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Do you know when it’s time to hatch a plan, when it’s time to detach from a plan or when you need to take the time to patch up one of your plans?

Just like there are stages to success, it seems that our plans have stages too.

Most of us have no issue in sharing

  • what it is we want,
  • what’s preventing us from where we really want to be or even
  • why we are afraid to try.

But few of us have been able to get a handle on these plan stages. Let alone if it’s the right time to hatch, detach or patch!


We can get incredibly excited about hatching a plan!

We just can’t seem to turn our brains off about it – let the hatching begin! Oh, that is the FUN part right?

But the problem with hatching a plan for our idea is that we can practically live there…hatching!

We have to be very careful that our hatching doesn’t cause us to become paralyzed by perfection or never stop moving because of SOS! (shiny object syndrome)

If you find yourself in either of the above situations it most often means you are either hiding from your to-do list or you’ve yet to create your to-don’t list! (I cover this in every one of my focus trainings whether with 1:1 clients or in large groups – it’s a bit of a goal-getting staple ’round here 🎯😍)

Sometimes before you hatch a big ‘ol plan or goal, it’s best to date it for 30 days to see if you’re really serious about it. To that end, the A.I.M. workbook is just the thing for you.

AIM guide invite with pictures of the workbook

Click HERE or the image to get yours.


If you manage to graduate from the hatching of your plan to hatched and implementing, odds are you have now become obsessed and laser focused on your plan.

Sounds good and almost as equally exciting as the hatching stage, but…

How much area can a laser cover?

We all know that a laser is designed to only cover a very small area in order to pinpoint a desired location. It has a specific purpose – get you looking at a particular spot. Good for short term, bad for long term.

Our big plan (aka goal, dream, ambition…whatever you want to call it) is most likely to come to fruition when we learn how to break that big ‘ol plan down into smaller “plans”.

Hence, getting laser focused, but… How long can you stare at the small bull’s-eye before you lose sight of the actual target?

An arrow’s best chance at hitting the target is when you take aim and let go! 

Did you grab your free A.I.M. workbook?

The same is true for being laser focused on our plans for too long, we can lose sight of the bigger picture. We can lose sight of the people and resources around us when we spend too much time focused on a plan instead of the plan. The one that is right for us.


So what happens when your current plan isn’t working? Well, you have to get honest with yourself and answer if you have really put in the work.

You can’t correct what you haven’t done. You can’t adapt what you haven’t tried. And you certainly can’t improve on what you haven’t implemented.

The trying, correcting, adapting and improving is the patching in your plan.

Patching is what brings a sense of achievement because YOU tried it, corrected it, adapted it, and improved! 

So as you think of your BIG PLAN right now, which stage are you in – just hatching it, in need of a bit of a detach or an all out patching it?

No matter what stage you find yourself in right now, my  hope is that you now feel more confident on just what to do next!

Working on my next hatch, detach and patch right there with you,

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Sometime you just need a little help finding your focus and identifying just what stage you’re in at the moment. Click here to schedule your free MAP call and we can plan your next steps together!

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