His message through your MESS is important

empty tomb with verses written on the opening and stone

Message is an important component as a woman in business. But often times we can sometimes feel like we are not seen or heard in the world around us despite our efforts.

Maybe you’re struggling to find your place, to be recognized for your contributions, or just to be taken seriously. Whether that’s in your faith, your life, or your business.

Here’s some encouragement that I wanted to share with you today. A bigger picture look if you will, and a look waaaay back, to the resurrection of Jesus, in order to look forward.

In that moment at the empty tomb, Jesus chose two women to be the first witnesses to His resurrection. He entrusted them with the most important news in all of human history.

This is a reminder that you too have a vital role to play in God’s plan.

You are not overlooked or forgotten.

You are chosen and loved, and your voice matters. Your voice is how you carry His message, and He’ll guide you, guard you and guarantee your path if you trust Him and listen to Him.

VAL, (valued, amazing lady) we have been given the gift of life through Christ’s sacrifice, and we can live each day with confidence and purpose, knowing that we are valued by our Creator.

So today, as you go about your day, remember that you are seen and loved by God. You have a message to share through and despite the messes of your own life.

Your life was designed to have an impact. He is the meaning and significance behind your MESSage. Once you own that, your life becomes an incredibly focused mission!

Remember that you have a vital role to play in His plan, and that your voice and your life matter.

And above all, remember the incredible message of hope that Jesus delivered to those two women at the empty tomb: He lives!

sharing His message through my MESS right there with ya,

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Deana resting her face on her hand with a smile

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