Hot Purse-suit!

God has used my purse-suit of bag success to fuel my passion to GROW!

God has used my purse-suit of bag success to fuel my passion to continually find ways to    Give & Reward Other Women!


For the last several years, sharing an affection for the use and functionality of totes, wallets, pouches & purses is how I get paid. But, it’s not my passion.

No, that’s not an April fools joke, so if you are a Thirty-One Sister who thinks I just threw some shade on our company, calm down. Or if you’re a fellow entrepreneur in direct sales ready to ‘recruit’ me because clearly I must not have found the right company…let me be clear. I love my business and the company that supports it.

But, when it comes to your work vs. your passion, here’s what I have learned the hard way and I pray it gives you a fresh hope and perspective about your work and what you are passionate about.

I’ve learned that I don’t have to love every aspect of my business, but if I’m not loving everything that it provides me with and affords me to achieve…then it’s nothing more than a JOB.

What does that mean?

It means that my direct sales business, aka paid/work/job…

  • provides me with the needed finances to pay bills and fund extracurricular kid activities.
  • affords me the flexibility I want in my life to be a better wife, mother, friend, volunteer and mentor.
  • gives me a platform to meet new and amazing women I wouldn’t have known otherwise.
  • fuels my passion to pursue my calling, which is to continually find ways to Give & Reward Other Women! AND thanks to my ‘work-job’ I’m able to continue GROWing!

This is why you will find me happily in HOT PURSE-SUIT at my JOB, because it’s what allows me to fill my cup with what I’m truly passionate about!

I encourage you to give some thought to what it is you are pursuing in your life and why.  

I hope it’s not the ‘almighty dollar’ because its never about the dollar, but what the dollars can DO!  Focus rather on THE Almighty and what He created you to be and think about why He planted you where He did to ‘work’ right now.

Listen, it’s okay if your work right now is not your dream job – really. Your work/job could just be a season you are in right now.  If you’re not in love with your work-job right now – think of it as your passion’s sponsor instead!  Meaning, it gives you the support you need to pursue what you want. You’d be surprised how much more motivated you’ll be and how much harder you’ll work when you know your work-job is a way of funding and giving you the ability to pursue the things you are passionate about!

So I may not be in love with the process of getting my calendar filled each month, but I LOVE the rewards it brings my way.

GROWing right there with you – one day and one bag at a time,


I’ve come a long way since my bag-lady days…


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