How do you L.O.V.E. you? Part 1

Over the next few weeks, this blog will cover ways you can improve how to L.O.V.E. you better.

Self-improvement and self-care is a big deal these days. You can find resources just about everywhere and just about everyone has an opinion about it.

Well, I guess you can add this mini-series of blogs to your list now too, because I hope that they will become a resource and tool for you to go back to whenever you may need it.

L is for L.E.A.D. and the first person you lead is YOU!

How are you leading you these days?

Not sure?

If you follow me at all, then you know that I LOVE putting acronyms together in order to get the thoughts stirring in a direction that encourages you to grow into your best YOU!
Well, here is another one for you…

I hope that it helps you really dig in and gives you the confidence to be sure that you ARE leading you well.

L is for Lagging

Where are you lagging behind? 
When you look at where you are now as compared to where it is you want to be in your life – how wide is the gap?
Now ask yourself WHY. Often times when we take the time to dig into the why behind something, the how to do something about it becomes more clear.

E is for Exit

What needs to go?
Once you’ve identified the WHY you are lagging behind, it’s time to determine what needs to go. You need an exit plan.
Here’s where we can get tripped up.
When something isn’t working for us we can sometimes take the exit a bit to far. Meaning we permanently exit instead of evaluate an exit.
I encourage you to ask yourself these three exit questions once you’ve discovered something is not working:
1) Is this a permanent exit?
2) Is this a temporary exit?
3) When will I revisit this exit? (30, 60, 90 days)

A is for Accelerate

Where do you need to pick up the pace?

What is the one thing you know that if you did it consistently, would yield results? Odds are you know what that is, but either S.O.S got you or analysis paralysis. So stop procrastinating and schedule that ONE thing into your life!
Will it be done once a day? Once a week? How often do you need to implement your accelerate plan in order to make progress?

D is for Do it!

Decide what, determine when and then DO IT!

The key to this little gem right here is act sooner rather than later.
Did you know that it only takes 5 seconds for your brain to talk you into or out of something? Use that 5 second window wisely my friend!
Speaking of friend, tell someone your L.E.A.D plan so that this isn’t another one of those things you’re “gonna do.”

There you have it, a go-to tool and the first part of how to L.O.V.E. you well!

Working to make progress in how to LEAD and LOVE myself well right there with ya,



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