How Many Times Can You Rise To The Top?



The simple answer is that we can rise to the top LOTS of times.

But as with most things in life, we can really complicate things.

Each of us has the potential to rise to the top, but how many of us do what it takes to actually get there? I know, you’re probably thinking…” it depends”, right? Well, if you are depending on the right place and right time excuse, read this.

Let me first clarify with the definition of potential.

Potential means capable development or capable of becoming real.

So is there any one of us that doesn’t have the capability of developing better skills, relationships, focus, commitments…?

I love the  “capable of becoming real” definition because you know how much I am an advocate for we act what we believe – so what if what we believed in what we really wanted to happen – like our dreams?

Our dreams really represent what “the Top” looks like for us. I believe we all have different “tops” and that we most definitely rise the top in various ways and times.

So what messes us up?

Here are a few things that can sometimes totally derail us in our rise to the top…

  • trying to stay on top
    (sometimes we are only meant to check out the view to gain perspective)
  • someone from “below” passes us by and rises to the top first
    (maybe it was their mountain, not yours)
  • your rise to the top is taking too long
    (was there a realistic timeframe set or were you looking for ‘overnight success’)
    – your rise to the top is too hard
    (maybe you didn’t take the time to prepare properly – mentally and physically)

Don’t give up!

If everything we wanted were a matter of taking a class, a direction, an opinion or a pill then we’d all be rising to the top in every area of our life every day!

Think of the saying “it’s lonely at the top” – probably because it takes different skill set, mindset, time and even different mountains.

I pray that you have multiple rise to the top milestones and if you have company it’s because you helped someone get there or someone helped you!

Please remember the beautiful view, reflect on the journey and be inspired whenever you rise to the top!

What was your last rise to the top occasion? Tell us in the comments!

Making progress to my rise to the tops right there with you,

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