How to bring a mostly dead dream back to life

Bet you’re pretty intrigued aren’t ya? And probably not even wondering if you have a mostly dead dream, let alone, how to bring it back to life.

Most don’t think of our dreams in terms of being alive or dead, and certainly not in terms of it being a mostly dead dream. Ah, but there is a distinction and difference, just ask Miracle Max.

There’s a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive.

Miracle Max – The Princess Bride

Slightly alive. We can definitely work with that! I hope that you are excited just thinking that today your mostly dead dream can be brought back to life. You’ll just need 3 things.

Do you even know what you’re working with?

First take a moment to determine if your dream is alive, dead, or mostly dead. Not quite sure about the state of your dream right now? Here are some clues:

  • ☠ DEAD: Dreams are for kids and people out of touch with reality…
  • 🤸‍♀️ALIVE: You get emotional just thinking about your dream, and can sum it up in a single sentence.
  • 👻MOSTLY DEAD: You can remember your dream, but can’t quite articulate it . And you’re definitely not all that emotional about it. (at least, not anymore)

No matter what state you find yourself identifying your dream, there’s something very important you should know.

Dreams are powerful, God-given, and waiting on you to step into them. We all have one, and it’s been entrusted to us to be shared for the benefit of others.

I’m not here to guilt you into or about anything. Feeling a twinge of something? It means that you should follow that feeling and ask the Holy Spirit to show you what it’s all about. (yes, that’s how this God-given dream thing works)
Read this ☝post about Missing the Mark for more about my thoughts on that!

Listen, for those with a dream full of life – woo! hoo! Acknowledge the fact that you know what it takes to keep your dream alive. Now, keep going and growing in the direction of that God-given dream 🤜🤛of yours. Don’t be shy about sharing it with those you’ve been assigned.

There’s so much more to this God-given dream, your message, and those you’ve been assigned. So much that I wrote a book about it!

Dead dream? Nah, it just needs some CPR!

Ready for those 3 things to bring a mostly dead dream back to life? Well, I’m going to briefly break down each of those.

It will take these 3 things to revive a mostly dead dream back to life:

Core Values

Guessing your way to a goal is never effective or productive. How does one really know if they’re headed in the right direction? She gets really serious about knowing and protecting her core values.

Defining your fundamental beliefs is the driving force behind your life. These core values are evident in how you show up, what you pursue and why.

If you don’t take the time to define your core values, you will continually be exhausted, out of ‘breath’, and never quite sure if you’re headed in the direction you were created to go! Yeah, they’re that important. (As a matter of fact, it’s the first thing I do with my clients and part of step one in The Prioritized Focus Free Guide.)


Similar in importance to your core values, your priorities are the smaller, yet important support system to those core values.

It’s important to understand that your core values are constant, while your priorities can change. Think of your core values as the vehicle and your priorities as the directions to get you to your destination. You can only go one place at a time. Priorities are like that, specific, intentional, and one at a time.


As Elsa would sing her little heart out, “let it goooooo!” you too, have got to let some things go! The biggest release on your agenda…guilt.

Release the guilt! Self-imposed guilt is one of the most destructive things that you can do to kill your progress.

Even though you may not consider releasing yourself from “the guilt” as an integral part of bringing your mostly dead dream back to life, oh girlfriend, it is.

How many times you were crushed by unmet expectations? And how many times were you the one who set those expectations?

There’s a difference between healthy stretch goals and unrealistic expectations. Get this printable reminder to see if you’re expectations are realistic.

Bringing a mostly dead dream requires quick CPR as soon as you recognize your dream is dying.

CPR – your core values, setting the right priorities, and releasing the guilt.

Ha! Simple, but not necessarily easy.

All things of significance take belief and work.

After all, what we believe is what we’ll build on. What are your beliefs helping you build?

Maybe it’s time to sit down with the Architect of all things and go over those blueprints. After all, His work is world renowned, priceless, full of life, and stunningly beautiful! He made you, didn’t He?

working to keep my dream mostly alive right there with ya,

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