How to know if your places steal or keep your focus?

place stealing or keeping focus

You’re a pretty savvy lady if you already know the places that steal or keep your focus.

We all have places that keep us productively producing results like a superhero, and well, others that just steal any inkling of focus we can manage to muster up.

If you’re still reading, then I bet you’re either curious to see if this post will confirm what you already know, or you’re about to learn something new about yourself. Especially when it comes to just where your focus goes!

Either way, this post, and its series should be very helpful. 

This post is the second installment of a four-part series about the areas that steal or keep your focus. Today, you’ll be digging deeper into the PLACES that steal or keep your focus.

But before we get to that, let’s get you all caught up. And to save you from having to leave this page…😉

Below is a brief recap of that first post, but if it’s killing you to read it now, click here.

Post it version: the 3 main areas that steal or keep your focus – your places, your spaces, and your assignments. 

In part one of this series, you were left to absorb the difference between productive and busy. 

Productivity is a sign you have focus and know how to keep it.
Busy indicates that there are areas that are stealing your focus.

And that it is not a “time management” issue 👏👏. And if you think that it is, then you’ll probably need to grab The 3 Essentials Guide  or the 30-Day Prioritized Focus Success Planner

In that first post, you were only given a brief description of the 3 areas that steal or keep your focus so that:

  • You could begin contemplating which areas were helping or hurting your focus
  • You wouldn’t overwhelm yourself by overthinking any areas you found less than stellar 
  • You could explore each area one at a time and have an action plan that will support your goal for it

Now that you have the recap and reason behind the 4 part series, let’s get to today’s area of focus, 👉your place! 

Your place consists of more than just a physical location, it’s that and…more complicated.

And that’s where we pick up today in part 2 of our series, the places that steal or keep your focus.

Your place can be your:

  • particular role or title
  • circumstance or situation
  • mindset or belief that affects your choices

The more effort you put into understanding which of your places helps you focus on the future you hope to see, and the ones keeping you from it, the better.

Your places are often the “identity” you’re either caught in the middle of finding or busy fortifying.

Sound a bit too dramatic? Well, you tell me. 

Your place can be your role or title. A circumstance or situation. A mindset or belief that affects your choices. Your convictions are a place.

Think of how much time, energy, effort, and even funds you expend on pursuing or protecting your place.

Equip yourself to recognize and understand what trips you up and why.

First up, your particular role or title.

Do you see yourself as a leader, influencer, executive, best friend, mom, #bossbabe, #hustler…? A combination of more than one? A pioneer, or creative, that’s a new entrepreneurial word that’s hot right now, so I figured I’d include it for you.

If those examples didn’t exactly resonate with you, allow me to provide you with this piece of clarification.

Your role is your function, job, and the thing you are entrusted to do. Whereas your title is the label given as to what your role is.

Didn’t see yourself in those particular examples?

Your roles and titles, include the ones you’re known for, as well as the ones you want to be known for:

  • Victim or victor.
  • Coward or courageous.
  • Past dweller or lesson learner.
  • Excuse maker or way maker.

How you are seen is often reflective of how you see yourself.

Undoubtedly, the trouble comes, 👉when you don’t take the time or effort to clarify your true identity.

What about your circumstances? Ever try and run from or change one of those?

Basically, if it’s situational, relational, or pivotal, a circumstance can really reveal a lot about where you’ve previously placed your focus.

Nothing kicks your fight or flight instincts into gear like an unexpected circumstance. 

Despite if you influenced the situation or if you were left blindsided, how to deal with it is completely on you.

Beliefs and mindsets matter when it comes to your ability to focus.

Clearly, you’re kidding yourself if you think you don’t think that your beliefs and mindset have the ability to steal or keep you focused.

Actions and words are typically the biggest indicators pointing to what it is you believe and where your “head is at.”

Disappointment can really derail your direction if you don’t allow yourself to sift the mistakes from the lessons.

Secret places, your presence, and your finish lines can also steal or keep your focus. The list of these places can go on and on.

The bottom line is only you can determine which are the places that hinder or help you when it comes to your goal getting.

Learn the places that steal your energy and those that keep it, and you’ll know exactly how to protect your focus.

Need help with that? Click here

Your energy is a place and of great importance.

How you protect it or neglect it will be a key indicator of what’s keeping or stealing your focus.

Today’s takeaway should be finding healthy ways to disconnect without becoming disconnected and conversely, how to connect without becoming attached.

paying attention to my places right there with ya,


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