How’s Your FOCUS?

Have you lost your focus?


I get it, it’s a busy time of year. Holidays, final quarter, last minute “everything” seems to be the norm.

What is it about the LAST month of the year that gets us all hyper focused on what we didn’t get done this year and resolve to “do better” next year?

Just like that we throw away any possibilities for the next few weeks in exchange for that magic “do better” restart date of January 1st!

if we (ME too) weren’t committed enough to do what we set out to do in 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days this year, what’s that magic restart date going to do to suddenly prioritize our focus?

Hey, I used to be one of those January 1st “do better” people and by March 1st I couldn’t even tell you what my “big year ambition” was anymore!
Or worse, I had a good excuse as to why I changed it, hadn’t started or why a different “start date” was going to be better. Can you relate?

What changed? It wasn’t smaller ambitions or making none at all…it was a change in MINDSET. 

Every day is a magic restart date. 

Just remember, FOCUS:


Find your center. Take a moment and look at where you’ve been, where you are and where you are headed. 


Opportunity. What’s in front of you that could potentially help? A person, a skill, a tool, a thought shift 


Commit. Decide what you need to do and DO IT!


Understand. Know that small steps consistently (aka progress) is what closes the gap from where you are to where you plan to be.


Stop the negativity! We act what we believe so change your thought patterns to change your actions!!

How do you stay focused when things get busy, seem too late or too hard?

Maybe Prioritized Focus Success Monthly is just the thing!

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