Identify How To Become A Powerful Decision Maker

Once you are able to get some clarity on who you were made to be, beyond titles, labels, and your history – you become a powerful decision-maker. Who doesn’t want that? We are well aware of the time, energy, and focus wasted or misused by the quality or lack of our decision-making.

Yet, what are we actively doing about it? ✅Stressing ✅ Overthinking ✅ Learning (informational hoarding) Yep, we got that stuff covered! So what’s a girl to do?

Check out this little fun fact: 

Greek word: diagnósis
meaning: a distinguishing, determination
usage: judicial examination, decision; an act of discernment

English word: diagnosis
definition: the act of identifying a disease, illness, or
problem by examining someone or something

The problem and the solution

Whoa! Did you catch that difference between the original and our current meanings of this word, diagnosis? Most of us are busy looking for a diagnosis of what’s wrong. Even though we’re not quite sure what that is, we know we want someone to provide answers. Call it an escape, excuse, or exemplifying who or what we want to take responsibility, but there’s some type of diagnosis we seek.

We ask ourselves things like:

  • Why am I here when I really want to be there?
  • People say I’m this, but I’m not sure I am or want to be, do I?
  • I think I’m that, but have no idea how to live it out – can someone help?

First, what work/effort have you put into changing your location from here to there? And for the record, whose timetable are you on? (see Isaiah 55:8-9 below for some tough love)  And people can say what they want but labels only stick if you let them. 

We want someone to come along and give us a diagnosis (identify the disease/problem), but really, it’s about us making a decision.

And if you don’t think that decision-making is important…keep reading! Let’s dive into what it takes to become a better decision-maker, shall we?

Decisions provide direction. 

What happens when you want something to change? You make a decision. Either you decide to do something about it or ignore that desire and nothing changes. Both are decisions.

The same is true about deciding to find out and own who God made us to be.

When we finally get tired of wearing the labels given to us. Ready to quit carrying titles or histories that weigh us down, that’s when a decision needs to be made. 

Will you seek to find out who you really are and made to be?
Will you decide to believe who God says you are and trust Him for the direction?

If you decide to follow the answer to those questions, you’ll find yourself getting clear on the direction you need to go next. Just begin, one step at a time.  Even if you don’t know the “where” right now, you’ll at least know WHO you need to be in order to get there.

Ponder that last statement for a second, who you need to be in order to get there. We skip over that part pretty quickly and easily, but have you ever given much thought to WHO YOU NEED TO BE?

Ask yourself 👉Am I who I need to be in order to handle what it is that I really want?

Follow-up question 🤔 Am I who I need to be in order to handle what’s been entrusted to me?

Perseverance barometer💪 Am I who I need to be to handle the obstacles and opposition that I know is coming?

We get so caught up in the to-do’s of our lives that we often forget to put importance on who we really are at our core. If we are not, it will be evident in how we pursue our dreams, goals, and even our everyday plans.

Stop trying to fit in. If nothing else today, take some time to ponder this BIG question – who are you?

Getting To The Core Of You

One of the first things I’m proud I get to do with my clients is to help them define their core values. We dig past the “normal” and common ones, to those that reflect WHO they really are created to BE! It’s not always easy or comfortable. Getting gut honest with yourself never really is, but it is so worth the process.

As a matter of fact, if you’ve already downloaded my FREE guide with the 3 Essentials for Prioritized Focus, you’ll recognize part of this process! It is by far my top go-to in order to get to the bottom of what really matters. Not only for those I work with, but for me too!

Shared Identities

In my Bible, I have a list of words that remind me of who I am in Christ. This list helps me when the days get too hard. In times when I feel unseen, unheard, or unloved. When others try to tell me who they think I should be or work on trying to be. The times when if find myself losing steam or any sliver of courage, this list reminds me of the truth. My identity is because of Jesus and the decision He made for me, you, and us.

I hope this list is as helpful to you as it is to me!

Maybe you’re thinking I’m getting way too out there for you. Or this all sounds too fluffy and not so practical for everyday real life. Your everyday real life. I understand and respect where you are right now. I’m not kidding whenever I say that this is a journey. And one between you and Him.

I’m just happy to be a small part of it right now. I pray that any of my content you either seek or stumble upon was helpful in unlocking the answer or encouragement you needed. Right where you are.

Identify who you really are and the rest comes easier!

I’m a wife, mother of three, volunteer, part-time employee, Jesus lover, entrepreneur, reader, writer, daughter, sister, and friend. I’m in my final years of being a p-uber driver – that’s another word for Mom Taxi…parent-uber – get it?

Some of my more colorful ones include a divorced woman, ministry outcast, legalism disrupter, energetic talker, trucker hat, and sneaks wearing kinda girl. In a nutshell, I’m a curly-haired mess-terpiece partnering with God to make progress on my BIG dream and goals!

That list could go on for miles, as I’m sure the same is true for YOU too, once you get the hang of it!

Some of those examples listed, reflect my history and the labels put on me by others. Some I own proudly, a few generic, and others I’m still growing my faith in order to pursue more boldly.

My point is and the encouragement to you is in sharing this something I discovered years ago, that when you get your identity right, everything else can be figured out!

owning my identity to make better decisions right there with ya,


Need more insight or guidance on the importance of identifying the core of who you really are so that you can start making some powerful decisions? Let’s have a FIND MY FOCUS strategy session!

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