Goals Need Innovation & Imagination, Plus Lots of Faith & Focus

More time, better planning or even some luck is what we think we need when it comes to our goals. The reality is we need a bit more imagination, innovation and lots of faith and focus to get the job done.

The gap between you and your goal is admittedly not the most fun to assess. But with some innovation and imagination, it could be one of your most enjoyable tasks!

When we’re on the not so fun side of the gap vs. our goal, it’s probably due to giving too much attention to the past and the far off future, more than our actual present.

Whether it’s a goal for your faith, your life or your business, you’ve got to first get honest with the gap. The one between where you are vs. where you want to be.

While it’s not always easy getting that honest with yourself, assessing the gap, it is crucial in setting yourself up for success and the next step.

And can we just take a second to agree that YOU are the one who needs to define what success looks like for you?

With that said, let’s take a look at a first step in any goal assessment, your faith.

Faith is what you believe.

Since you act what you believe, being unsure of those beliefs means that you will struggle with consistency, consistently!

We all know that there’s two kinds of consistency, the kind that keeps the ball moving toward the goal, and the not so good kind. Things like excuses, procrastination, fear, imposter syndrome…(do I really need to go on?)

Here’s a mantra to adopt and adapt into your daily life and I hope that you take a moment to let it sink in:

My EXPERIENCE affects what I EXECUTE, but it’s my IMAGINATION that sparks the INNOVATION needed to achieve my goals!

To really make this mantra stick and solidify its potential impact for you, let’s break down it’s key terms:

  • Experience = what we know
  • Execution = applying what we know
  • Imagination = what doesn’t yet exist
  • Innovation = creating what we want to see

👆 That little part is enough in itself, but there’s more and the word I want you to hone in on from this list is imagination.

You’re going to love this! There’s a divine connection here that I don’t want you to miss.

The root meaning of imagination is, “to picture oneself” and the root of the word, image comes from the Hebrew word EIKON and it means “the replication or representation of an idea”.

To those of us who are Christians, we believe that we were created in God’s image.

We literally came from His imagination, we were His idea, what He wanted to see. (Hebrews 11:3)

Not impressed with that connection? Okay, let’s keep going.

We all know the power of words, right? Well, in Genesis chapter one we see that what God said, through His words, was created. I’d say that’s pretty powerful words!

Wanna know the Hebrew word for WORD?

It’s LOGOS, and it is the root of our word, word, and it means “the expression of thought”. (I’ll give you a minute to let that settle)

You can read more about what I have to say about this in the blog post:
Trust the timing of your life…it’s beautiful.

In the meantime, hang with me here for where I’m going with this post…

How incredibly beautiful and profound is it that we came from God’s imagination, were created in His image, spoken into being at His word and every day have the opportunity to make Him our ultimate “icon” (EIKON)?

We really have the opportunity to use our OWN:

  • Imagination = seeing what we want that doesn’t yet exist
  • Innovation = creating what we want to see

How many of us truly use our imagination and get innovative to truly become His LOGO?

Restoring Our Faith Focus

Again, take in this mantra, with the experience of what you just read.

My EXPERIENCE affects what I EXECUTE, but it’s my IMAGINATION that sparks the INNOVATION needed to achieve my goals!

When it comes to truly living out the mantra, ask yourself:

  • What “unknown” am I allowing to prevent my execution? Is it really unknown? 

  • What ideas have I given up on or let go of? (you know you have some) Why? Is that the real reason or just the one that sounds noble?

  • What has God revealed to me about those ideas recently? If they’re aligned with being His LOGO, how can I commit to getting innovative to the point of execution?
  • When was the last time I pictured myself the way God intended? Do it now and then write down what HE SEES.

Your faith guides where to direct your focus. That focus is going to either keep you imagining what could be or isn’t based on your experience. And the execution will be reflective of your personalized procrastination or innovation!

praying for the kind of faith & focus that’s wildly imaginative and innovative right there with ya,

I have a few Goal Planning Strategies I’d love to share with you. If you’d like me to help you personalize your own GPS, let’s schedule a call!

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