Is your business stuck?

If you’ve been in business for more than a hot minute, then you know what stuck feels like.

Think about where you are in your business right now. Are you where you want to be? If the answer is no, then you may be stuck!

Here are some of the typical symptoms you may feel when your business is stuck:
(and in no particular order!)
Doubt – Allowing yourself to be paralyzed by ‘what if instead of taking action and working in your strengths.
Guilt – Beating yourself up with the ‘woulda, coulda, shoulda…’ replays – STOP! There’s always a redemption season!
Panic – Maybe it looks like missing deadlines (or barely making it) or being unprepared instead of knowing and planning for your game day.
Anger – Wanting immediate results instead of focusing on the long-term results or frustrated trying to fake your success to keep up your business persona. Self-focused instead of others focused.

If any of that is resonating with you let me first encourage you that you are not alone.
I’ve been working in and on my business (yes, there’s a difference – whole ‘nother post I’ll get out to you in the near future, pinky promise!) for more than six years now and I’ve experienced all of these at some point, some multiple times and even multiple symptoms at the same time! So I get it!

BUT, we have the CHOICE on whether or not to stay stuck!

The next step is, decide to change it and then DO SOMETHING! Take action!

Want some help to move from Stuck to Unstoppable in your business starting TODAY?

Send something like this to AT LEAST 10 different people per week! (that’s only 2 a day, for 5  days  – surely you can handle 2 a day! OR take an hour a week and do all 10!) 

“Hi {name of person}! I’m working on something BIG  this ___________  and would love your ________! I will be in contact again by ________, but if you call me before I call you I’ll _______. I’m so excited to share this news! I can’t wait until we connect!”

your name

Answer Key
BIG = your offer,proposal,product,discount *don’t tell until you connect  
this _____ = week, season, month… 
your _____ = thoughts, feedback, opinion…
by ______= an actual DATE (end of week, month at the latest)
I’ll ______ = throw in a bonus, free gift…


Do you have what it takes to move from stuck to unstoppable?

Now that you have some verbiage to work with, which I totally encourage you to tweak it to make it your own – trust me, if it doesn’t sound like YOU, it will not work –


  • Call the people you know well  – it’s okay to leave messages and really, who wouldn’t call you back with that enticing info? (not to mention the excitement in your voice!)

NOTE: For those you don’t know well,  you can follow-up with a call about a week later after you have done one of the other options listed– again, it’s okay to leave messages! If it’s your first time calling they probably won’t answer anyway because they won’t recognize your number, so take a deep breath and leave a message.

  • Mail it – postcards are awesome!

*Email it – you can use great sites like Red Stamp to make it graphically appealing!

*Text it/Private Message – makes it a little more personal and ‘less business’ than an email.

I personally like to do things in batches of 5, so I strive to do 5 from each of the methods each week, but you can choose any number and can choose to do them once a day or once a week or mix and match. BUT do it and consistently!

Now, be ready with the next steps for you and them and repeat the process! Be sure to track your progress, note results and rotate your lists.

What will your business look like a week from now, a month from now, a year from now if you took some kind of action like this TODAY? Do you have what it takes to take your business from stuck to unstoppable? I challenge you and encourage you to not let your business be stuck another day!

Avoiding stuck and striving toward unstoppable right there with you!


Inspired to take action?  Or maybe you have a different method to help you get your business from stuck to unstoppable – I want to hear about it!






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