It’s all in the attitude

An attitude of gratitude will increase your altitude in life.

Look up from your screens, look at whose around you, look at the fact you have people and screens to look at! (if you’re reading this…you have the technology and brain power to do so)

We’ve lost the ability to separate emotion from making good decisions. I’ve often shared the sentiment that feelings follow choice because I know it to be true!

Sometimes in order to make better decisions you have to learn how to play some serious Jedi mind tricks with yourself! What do I mean?

How much do you get done just based on doing things when you feel like it?

How many difficult conversations do you put off having because you don’t feel it’s the right place or time?

How many times have you put off cleaning, working out, shopping, etc. because you felt overwhelmed, tired, or any other _______?

Change your attitude and everything changes. It’s as simple and difficult as that!

Whatever the gap between where you want to be and where you are, you get to choose the attitude you’ll have in approaching how to close that gap.

So as we approach the nationally recognized day for giving thanks, let’s have an attitude of gratitude.

We GET to gather with friends and family, not have to.

We GET to be thankful for what we have.

We GET to give and take opportunities…

May you GET to an attitude that makes you BOLD enough to go after what it is you really want so that you GET to share and celebrate with others!

Learning to have an attitude of gratitude right there with you,


What’s your most difficult attitude adjustment to make? Is it your attitude about your faith, your business, your personal life, something else? What might your attitude be with some proper adjustments?



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