It’s not fun, but objections & rejections give you direction.

Getting objections and rejections are not something any one of us “hopes” for when it comes to our goals and our business.


What if I told you you shouldn’t feel so dejected if you get them?

Sounds counter intuitive, I know, but hear me out on this one.

What do you feel when you hear an objection or a rejection?

If you feel something other than a sense of direction, then you have got those objections and rejections mixed up with dejection.

Let’s start by defining terms – that may help you understand the encouragement I’m hoping to leave you with here.

Rejection: the dismissing or refusing of a proposal, idea, etc.

So by this definition, a rejection is an external “force” you have been dealt.

Objection: an expression or feeling of disapproval or opposition; a reason for disagreeing.

This definition shows us the objector has a reason for disagreeing with us and this is their way of expressing it. So in essence, an objection is someone’s choice.

On the other hand.

Dejection: a sad and depressed state; low spirits

This is a feeling. It is an internal “force” you have to deal with. A choice you have to make in how to respond.

So whether it’s your personal life or your business life – try and remember the differences when it comes to these three terms, rejection, objection and dejection.

A rejection is not a rejection of YOU, but more likely of what you were offering. 

Meaning, if you came to me and offered me a delicious, decadent piece of ooey-gooey chocolate cake and I said “No, thanks”. Please know that I just rejected your OFFER of that delish cake, not YOU.

If you pushed and offered again, (maybe because you were feeling a bit dejected) and I still said “Thanks, but I really need to stay disciplined and not have those kind of carbs and sugar if I’m going to achieve my weight goal”. That’s a legit objection. A reason (my reason) why I’m “disapproving or “opposing” your offer.

See the difference?

Now I hope that for future reference sake you will know that a rejection is an external “force” you’ve been dealt. An objection is someone’s reason to disagree with you – their choice and again out of your control.

Most importantly, I encourage you to remember that dejection is a feeling. Feelings always follow choice.

How will you choose to feel about a rejection or objection? Will you choose to rule over them, give in to them or accept them as a direction and move on?

If you take nothing else away from this post, please take this – a “no” is a rejection or an objection of the offer, not you and in the simplest of terms – a “NO” means…Next Option. (right?!)

Working on recognizing those Next Options right there with ya,

Need a little guidance in recognizing those next options? Maybe it’s time for some Prioritized Focus!


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