L.O.V.E. you better Part 2

Last week was the start of a 4-part blog series of ways you can improve how to L.O.V.E. you better.

In that post, the first part of how to L.O.V.E you better was covered. And it’s all about YOUR personal leadership of YOU! (missed it? no worries, you can read it here)

Today is the second part and as with the first part L, personal Leadership, today’s part – O, requires some internal assessing and questioning too.


The O in L.O.V.E. yourself better stands for OWN. 

Specifically – Ouch, Win and Nourish. 

Those three words, once you dig in, are really going to help you. But I will warn you, the digging could get a bit uncomfortable. But don’t worry, we’re in this together!

O is for ouch!

Why “ouch!”?
Because you are going to have to get real honest with yourself here and it may hurt a little!

When it comes to pursuing a goal, there are two directions you can go – toward the goal or away from it.

While there is practically an endless list of why for either direction; I have found there can be two very strong motivators – one is to prove yourself and the other is to hide.

Think of your journey toward your goal so far?

What have been the motivating factors behind moving toward that goal? Has it been to prove that it can be done or prove something to yourself? Did you move toward that goal out of spite or to prove someone wrong?

How about when it comes to recognizing why you are moving away from your goal? Does it have to do with hiding? What keeps you hiding? Is it fear? Fear of failure, opinion, comfort, inadequacy, etc.?

It is so important for us to get honest with ourselves when it comes to why we are pushing toward or preventing our own progress!

The success of achieving our goal depends on this knowledge of ourselves.


W is for wins!

Where are you winning right now?

Every day may not be good, but there is good in every day.

Do you look for the good in your day – every day?

Finding a win in every day helps you make progress in the direction you want to go.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes it’s easier to wallow in what’s wrong than it is to dig for what’s winning!

Enlist HELP! Know who your supporters are, ask them to give you a quick snapshot of your strengths. 

I challenge you to send a text to your peeps with this, “describe me in 3 words”. 

When you can “see” what others see in/about you, it helps you OWN your part of your journey. Because you will have to be honest with yourself – are those words a true reflection of who you are, who you think you are or who you would like to be? 

If you own a 30-Day Prioritized Focus Success Planner, then you know how serious I am about wins & whines each day!

N is for Nourish

What you feed is what will grow.

The flower doesn’t pop up into it’s beautifully matured self the same day it’s planted! Yet, so many of us try and plant the seeds of “success” and expect results based on the fact that we are “trying”. 

Hello – it takes the right things done at the right time – consistently, in order to get results.

Ah, that word, consistently, is where most of us get tripped up. Need an example of what I mean?

Eating a chocolate cupcake isn’t going to make me fat. Consistently eating chocolate cupcakes will. Yet, many of us will buy into the marketing of products that will counteract our bad choices – exhibit A – “slim” tea. Hey, I’m a mess-terpiece in progress right there with ya!

Prioritize your focus on feeding the things you want to improve, grow and get better.

Ahem, and not all at once!

My suggestion is to chose ONE focus for 30 days.
Think about it.

If you were to wholeheartedly chose ONE thing to focus on improving for 30 days straight, do you think it would become a good habit?

A habit after all is something you’ve done so much that you don’t even have to think about or put as much effort into making happen. Habits that push you toward progress. Yes, please! 

Now imagine if you did that every month…that would be 12 good habits by the end of a year! 

Where would you be a year from now if you started to Prioritize Focus on ONE thing for the next 30 days…NOW?

Working to O.W.N my part in how to LOVE myself better right there with ya,


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