Am I making progress toward building a lasting legacy? That’s a BIG question and one I find myself contemplating more and more.

Maybe it’s because I just celebrated another year older.
Maybe it’s because I have three children in each “branch” of education – a high schooler who is also taking college courses, a middle schooler who is 100% homeschooled and a (no rest for the weary) boy who is in elementary.

I don’t want to one day leave my children with my dreams, but rather the knowledge and capability to turn a dream into a reality.

As a full-time entrepreneur who knows the ups and downs of paving your own way, I’m constantly aware that more is caught than taught! And if I’m really being honest, my kids are either “catching” the legacy I’m trying to build or the dream I’m too afraid to pursue.

Fear of failure is one of the greatest killer of dreams. commit-to-the-process
If we allow fear of “what if”  to take over instead of “what is”, we’ll never realize our dreams, let alone leave a legacy!

The biggest game changer in my life has been my focus on progress, not perfection.

Sounds almost simplistically cliché doesn’t it?  But really, steady progress in the right direction can net some big gains.

Don’t allow your failure to PLAN be your reason for unrealized dreams!

Planning and realizing your dream is building your legacy.

I guess the only thing left to do now is get on  to planning those dreams…


Making progress toward achieving your dream looks a lot like building your “dream house”  

  • First you LOOK at what you want.
    And you begin to build your dream house wish list.
  • Then you DRAW the plans.
    This is a detailed blueprint of how to build your dream house.
  • Now you can COUNT the cost.
    What are you willing to do or invest to make your dream house a reality?
  • Next you CLEAR the way to make room for your dream house.
  • Now you are ready to BUILD the foundation that will support your dream house.
  • You’ll keep WORKING and adding new material until your dream house is complete.
  • Once you LIVE in your dream house you will protect, maintain and make necessary improvements so that it will always hold it’s value.

Go back and leave out the word, house and it becomes the process necessary to build your DREAM!!

Understand the process and you’ll know exactly what’s next and what to do if you get stuck!

Once you build and achieve your dream you gain the confidence to dream bigger, get there faster and that my friends is a legacy worth building and certainly worth passing on!

Making progress in the process right there with you,

Are you ready to commit to the process of progress toward building a lasting legacy? I want to hear about it! Schedule a free MAP strategy session here


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