Learning to be -ful

I’m not talking about a full belly here – really, who needs to learn how to be that kind of full? (Like seriously, pass the cake, I’ve got room)

Yet we are so inundated, overwhelmed and even consumed with what we need to have, do or be. There’s this “never satisfied” hunger to get it, do it,or become it. (the “it” as only defined by you)

Oh, and the marketing to remind us of all we need to have, do and be is relentless!

No wonder we are exhausted, aggravated and scrolling our way through life just looking for the next fix, hack or way to get us off this crazy hamster wheel to nowhere. (and in a hurry!)


Comparison is the thief of joy.

How can we enjoy the life we have when we are so busy wishing and striving for someone else’s?

Learn to be more -ful in your life and you will actually ENJOY life!


Being grateful means showing appreciation or kindness. (this includes to yourself!) Stop and think of something RIGHT NOW that you are grateful for. Are you reading this from a portable device? So you have access to technology AND you can read so you have had some form of education. 


This means you are loyal, constant and steadfast. How loyal, constant or steadfast are you – to your word, your commitments, to others who are counting on you and even to your goals (stop giving up). Faithful also means you staying true to the facts. What facts are you relying on? Are they true? How do you know? 


When was the last time you were optimistic about your future? Here’s where it can be so helpful to surround yourself with people who support you and your potential. Those that encourage you to keep going and hold you accountable to the bigger picture, not the snapshot you’re seeing or feeling in the moment.


I get it, it’s not always easy to express happiness – especially in the midst of not so happy circumstances. BUT, that’s why practicing an attitude of gratefulness helps you stay faithful to the journey you are on and hopeful for the future. Besides, finding your joy and spreading it is not only needed, but you never know who else may catch it and pass it on!

I could go on, but I think you get the idea and prayerfully, you get the encouragement behind these -fuls too.

So the next time you are feeling stuck, pushed or plain old unmotivated – be resourceful and remember to grab a -ful fill of these wonderful options and you’d be surprised at how powerful you’ll feel!

Working to fuel up from these powerful options right there with ya,


How do you fuel yourself to be -ful? Let us know in the comments!

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