Less Pixie Dust, More Faith and You’ll Make It!

I’ve written about fake it til you make it before, so this is kinda like that – but not really. We’re diving into knowing what’s propelling or preventing your progress – is it your faith, love, hope or some pixie dust?

It’s so important to know what you believe and love when you are trying to “make it”.

Yes, even when it comes to your big dream and goal getting!

But before we get to that… Think about those times when you have made the most significant progress toward your goals.

Whether you were formulating, focused or finishing – you just knew you were in the flow and making that progress.

Which of these would you say was the most significant factor to that progress?

  • Faith – where you put your complete trust & confidence, then walk it out
  • Hope – hanging onto optimistic anticipation of a desired or even promised result
  • Love – holding/leaning on a beloved attachment or devotion (person or thing)
  • Pixie Dust – a metaphorical term for that magical effect that brings luck or success

Has your go-to been more faith, love, hope or pixie dust based?

That question may be a bit hard to answer because for most of us, it can be a combination of things.

What’s not so hard to guess is where we go when things get tough. And for most of us it’s our faith and our loves.

What or who we run to is a huge factor in what propels or prevents our progress.

I can tell you with both hands raised that when it comes to propelling my progress, my faith has been the #1 contributing factor.

And by faith, I mean:

  • the God I put my complete trust & confidence in (as the definition of faith explains)
  • what I believe to be true about what He says about me,
  • the ways He has equipped me to handle my obstacles
  • and what I believe about what’s been promised to me.
propel or prevent your progress

Do I always walk out that faith wholeheartedly and in “complete trust & confidence” as the definition of faith explains? Nope, and do you know what that does for my progress? You guessed it, prevents it.

The things that always puts me on the wrong road to progress:

  • allowing fear of what if to rule instead of a mindset of even if
  • doubting what God has both proven and promised me
  • wallowing in discouragement or depending on what the last or next “expert” says

These are the things that I’m constantly working to overcome so that they no longer prevent my progress.

And guess what? The more you practice, the better you get!

What about Love & Hope?

The Bible tells us the most important things to focus on are faith, hope and love. But, when our progress doesn’t come as quickly as we wanted, we start looking for the magical pixie dust.

Our lives look more like faith in ourselves and others more than our Creator.

We can be found putting our dreams in the hope of the wave of a magic wand.

We can definitely tend to love things and our desired destinations more than the people we’ve been assigned to care for and about. (I wrote a bit about our assignments here)

Of course, when I’m feeling really stuck, I tend to go to the people I love for encouragement. They help remind me what I’m working for and why. On the negative side, I can also be found hiding behind the things I love. Call it a procrastination tactic for not actually taking care of the “problem”.

Depending on the bigness & scary factor of the goal I’ve got in front of me, there can be an unrealistic hope that some magical pixie dust will come find me!

Who doesn’t want to just imagine magical success dust all over their obstacle, then Poof! Here’s your achievement, right?

What you believe and why will be evident in what you say, what you do and ultimately where you end up.

Waiting on that magical pixie dust to do it’s thing on your dream, is totally preventing your progress! Let’s be sure that our faith and love is the strength behind what propels us to our biggest dreams.

Trading the pixie dust hopes for strengthened faith & love right there with ya,

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