Life’s Devotion: From Blueprint to Building Your Best You

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Before you worry about finding the right blueprint, you first have to decide what you’re building.

When it comes to your life and its plan, have you ever given much thought to the life you’re actually building?

Versus the one, you can be found living or talking about. Ah, that’s a thought to ponder, now isn’t it?

Life can look a lot more like chasing rather than building.

Oh, we’re queens at winging it, faking it, and especially tossing this or that out there – where exactly is out there, do we know?

When it comes to building a life, following the right blueprint is pretty important.

The goal of this post is to help you determine if you’re devoted to

  • a) following the right one for building your best you, aka, life
  • b) decide who you’re allowing to be in charge of construction, and
  • c) who has the final say on when the work is complete

Following the right blueprint is crucial, but first, you have to find it.

Or do you? Do you find your right blueprint or does the right blueprint just find you?

Sound like a which came first scenario? (it’s the chicken by the way…creation Day 5)

Let me just cut to the chase and say you already have a blueprint. From before you were even born, your blueprint was laid out. (Psalm 139:13-16)

Have you ever seen a blueprint? It can be confusing.

But once you understand all of the symbols and different pages for each phase of the construction, it’s quite helpful.

Each page of the blueprint is a phase of the construction process.

Boy, when it comes to your life and becoming the version of you the Builder intended, wouldn’t it be nice to know what phase you’re on?!

Listen, I’m not trying to frustrate you and send you on wild trains of thought. I’m trying to help you see that the white-knuckle grip on your plans isn’t necessary.

Easier said than done, I know!

And for that thought, I have two questions for you:

  1. Is it really your life? As Christians, there’s no fence-sitting. We’re either His or not. (Galatians 2:20 NLT)
  2. How are you honoring your life? When it comes to how you take care of yourself and why, are you committed? (1 Corinthians 6:19-20)

So searching for your right blueprint isn’t necessary when know Who has it.

Now that you know Who has your specific, unique, just-for-you and your life’s plan, let’s talk construction.

It’s time to determine who’s best to be in charge of building your best you.

Imagine your life as an ongoing construction project. One where you have to determine who’s best to oversee the entire job for the best possible outcome.

Now before you jump to a conclusion suggesting that I’m saying it’s not you, let me clarify an important distinction.

In this case, the project being our best lives. I’m saying that we’re the contractor in charge of the actual construction and God is the builder overseeing the entire project.

God holds the master plan and can see beyond what we can (or even imagine) and pays careful attention in guiding where each piece of our building material goes.

We are the workers who are showing up every day swinging the hammers, carrying the material, and making the decisions to put them into place. All according to the blueprint we’re following.

Still not sure it’s worth it or God who’s best qualified to hold that plan and provide guidance?

Well, consider this list and then decide if this is the builder you’d trust with building your best YOU:

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And that’s just a few that I picked for this point!

So have you determined who it is that has the best plan in store for you?

Sticking to your life’s blueprint is for the best and your best YOU!

Building your best you takes the right plan, work, and the right kind of worker.

Deviating from the blueprint has consequences. For instance, when you’re building a house, the consequences are often lost time and lots of money.


What is that white-knuckle grip on being the master of your own plans costing you?

When you trust the builder, you can get excited about the end result. Live in anticipation and expectation, of good things. Who doesn’t want that?!

planning purposefully for my purposed plan right there with ya,

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