Living with Titus SWAG

Titus swag, not two words you would typically see put together, probably eh-ver! Let me explain where this ‘sentiment’ originated and yes, as far as I know, I’m the originator.

If you grew up in the church, been exposed to Bible studies, been to Christian school/college, etc. then you know that Titus is a book in the Bible found in the New Testament. For those who don’t or didn’t, now you at least know it’s a New Testament book in the Bible. (I’m here to help)

The book of Titus was written by the apostle Paul to one of his disciples, Titus, for the purpose of encouragement and instruction for Titus’ leadership role over some very morally corrupt people. The key themes of the book of Titus are the importance of teaching sound doctrine (not twisting or distorting God’s truth) and a large emphasis on good deeds and godly conduct as it should outwardly expresses your faith. (in other words, you should be ‘walking the talk’)

What stands out to me is the ‘older’ woman’s role in chapter 2.  Which is to be an example and mentor to younger women.Titus SWAG

Well, I now have some silver in my hair (which may or may not be currently disguised as highlights) and often find myself sharing my life experiences and advice with younger women.
Even though I don’t consider myself ‘older’ the reality is, I have more life experience than a younger woman.

If I can encourage a younger woman to learn from my mistakes in the hopes she can bypass some of the pain that came along with mine – I’ll be ‘older’ all day long!

As a matter of fact, that’s what keeps me wearing my Titus 2 SWAG (the fact that I am Saved With Amazing Grace) and remember that the amount of grace that I need each day, is as much as I should give each day! Easy, no. Do I always give grace, no. Awareness and then taking action is a choice and then becomes progress. Let’s say I’m a striving work in progress.

I truly believe that our pasts can help change someone else’s future!  

This is true in life, business, parenting, teaching… the ‘categories’ are endless.  After all, what’s the first thing we do when we don’t know something? We find someone who does!

Where would you be if someone had not shown you grace, gave you helpful advice or mentored you? What if you didn’t accept it? We aren’t successful achievers by what we ‘get’, but rather, what we DO with what we get.

In that same way, the reward of who we become along the way and how much we give back to others outweighs the ‘things’ we could ever ‘get’ just for the sake of having.

So whether you are Saved With the Amazing Grace of Christ or not, I hope you’ll remember this post about living with Titus SWAG and make a difference in someone’s life today.  At the very least, show some grace to another and you will already find yourself rewarded.

Striving to show my Titus SWAG and hope you will too,



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