Prioritized Focus Manifesto

Prioritized focus is about you. 

Your dreams, your goals, your ambitions, what matters to you
and the choices you make to pursue them.

Prioritized focus is about a mindset more than a specific destination.

Make no mistake, this prioritized focus journey is littered with bumps, bruises
and plenty of abandoned attempts along the way.

But be encouraged fellow traveler, there are others on the road too.

Some are ahead of you, some are near where you are and
there are plenty more just getting started behind you.

Prioritized focus is more about who you become then where you’ve been.
It cares nothing about your past with the exception of what you learned there.

Priorititzed Focus has everything to do with your potential,
your future and what you'll do with it!

Prioritized focus is about your willingness to dig in your heels,
lean into what’s in your way and push until you make progress!

That’s it in a nutshell, progress.
Not perfectly executing the painstaking plan you put together.

Just progress.

Progress is the ability to recognize (and dare I say, CELEBRATE) that you are
further now than you were when you started.

Further, because you continually take small consistent actions
in the way of… prioritized focus.

No one can take your place.

No one can decide how the things that happen to you
along your journey affect or defect who you become.

Those whose prioritized focus is on who they become in the pursuit of their
biggest dream, are the ones same ones who live without regret!

I thought I was alone in pursuing progress toward my biggest dream, but it turns out
there's a whole tribe of you that just want to make progress toward their biggest dreams too.

Your pursuit and how much progress you make is yours alone to choose,
but know that you are NOT alone in the journey.

Thanks to this amazing vehicle called prioritized focus, together,
we will make progress dear friends, progress to live our lives with no regrets!
(Plenty of lessons, but no regrets) 

Prioritizing my focus on progress, grit & grace right there with ya,

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