Stop with the maybe already!

What comes to mind when you hear the word, maybe?

Maybe you think of what’s possible!

Maybe you use it as an excuse to delay taking action. (if you’re a parent, then there’s no maybe about this one – sad, but true!)

Maybe you use it to initiate problem solving.

Maybe could be a starting point for some, but I would venture to say for most of us it’s a word of limbo.

Think about it, it’s not a yes or no, which gives you a definitive direction to act, move, decide…

What do you do with a maybe?

If you’re in business and you are looking to close a sale, a deal or get a decision, this can be a very frustrating answer to hear. And is it really even an answer?

The next time you hear a maybe as an answer – whether your own or some one else’s, take some time to think about what is really going on.

Is more information needed to make a decision?

Is it not the right time, place, product, service?

Is it an excuse to procrastinate?

I would hope that we can become better decision makers, by asking better questions when we find ourselves wanting to give maybe as an answer.

Decisions give direction, directions give purpose and purpose brings accomplishment.

So who doesn’t want to know where they’re going, why they’re going and what the desired goal is for when they get there?!

Asking the right questions will help move you (or someone else) from a maybe to a yes or no. And yes or no is where the map of directions begins!

Working to make better decisions by not getting stuck in the maybes right there with you,


What do you think? I’d love to hear how you handle maybes, both yours and others!


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