It's time to ditch the "perfect plans" and start living authentically YOU!


MESS Mentorship

Show me the options!

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It's Time to Restore Your Faith & Focus

What do you think would happen if you let go of the need to craft "perfect plans" and it's outcome?

You are not the roles you play, titles you carry, or the MESSy labels you wear, or believe - no matter how well you portray them.

Your life matters, your story matters, the work you were created to do with passion matters.

It's time to redifine the MESS that has you doubting & ditching your assignment and restore your Faith so that you'll have the Focus to be who you were created to be.


the Mission, Execution, Systems & Sharing you need help identifying, clarifying & amplifying in your life

the guidance provided by a mentor, especially an experienced person

The MESS Mentorship

A virtual safe-space where like-minded MESSterpieces come to:

  • gather tools for successful habit building
  • resources to go to when the going gets tough
  • specific tactics to overcome the obstacle at hand
  • community of support and supporters
  • see faith & focus in action

What are my mentorship options?

OPTION 1: Monthly MESS Mastery Workshops

  • Free
  • LIVE workshop via zoom
  • Overview of the M.E.S.S. mastery framewook

OPTION 2: MESSterpiece It Masterclass! $97 (Value $249)

  • A one-time cost for lifetime access
  • Pre-recorded, on-demand video modules of Deana's in-depth guidance to help you master the M.E.S.S. framework
  • Each module includes printable worksheet(s) to solidify your understanding
  • Plus, a one-time follow-up coaching call with Deana

Available Soon!

OPTION 3: MESS Mastery Membership $37/month (Value $449)

  • Monthly group coaching & mentoring with Deana based on her M.E.S.S. framework
  • Total of 4 LIVE group calls per month:
    Live call #1 = deep dive & goal plan
    Live call #2 = Q&A and specific strategies for your M.E.S.S.
    Live call #3 = Coffee & Co-work
    Live call #4 = one extra FLEX day per month for support

Bonus Benefits of Membership

  • 100% access to all pre-recorded, on-demand video modules in Deana's Course Library
  • In-depth guidance & real-time help to master the M.E.S.S.
  • monthly happy mail (snail mail to your physical mailbox!)
  • One 90-minute coaching call per member per quarter

Enrolling Soon!

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Meet your Mentor!

For more than a decade, I've been helping those in leadership, ministry, and business remember how Valued, Amazing & Loved they really are and absolutely have what it takes to get their priorities, agendas & messaging FOCUSED!

It's just the thing God made me pretty good at!

Permission to step into your God-sized dream

Proof it's what you were made & meant for

Pushing you to get equipped & do it!

In a "not yet" stage? No worries, these are the -->Always Available Options


Interested in private 1:1 or team coaching? Speak or train at your event?

Contact me directly via email:

My entrepreneurial journey began in 2010 through the vehicle of direct sales.

Nearly ten years in that business and I earned a significant salary, impressive rank & titles, but the true joy came from my customer relationships and coaching.

As a leader of a team of women nationwide, guiding them to pursue their dream through the vehicle of their business was the joy of my tenure in direct sales.

By about 2014-15 it became evident that I was more excited when members left my team to open their own businesses, than I was about them staying and promoting within the company.

That's when I knew it was time for me to do the same. I finally left the direct sales world in early 2018, but I've been Deana Farrell LLC since 2016. (so I also know what it's like to work on your dream while still working your paid gig)

I work best with achievement minded clients who know themselves enough to recognize their excuses, but maybe not sure how to break the pattern of defeating them. 

Knowing which coaches and courses have attributed to success in the past and being here is just another layer of increasing their awesomeness! 

I'm quick to recognize half-dabblers, and those looking for quick fixes or the "easy solutions" instead of doing the work.

Hard work can be fun, passionate, and even flow freely, but sis, it ain't always easy!

Business minded women are my "usual" clients. These are ladies in ministry, direct sales, MLM, professional services, and even entrepreneurs.

You can have a business or even want to start one, but do you mean business when it comes to what it will take to grow you into becoming the person who can handle "the business?"

If you are suffering from imposter syndrome, beginning to doubt your dream and frustrated with yourself because you know you were meant for more, "than this"... then yes, you will fit in just fine here.

Understanding I'm not everybody's kind of somebody and neither are my methods, messages, or mission.

I believe strongly in souls over sales.

Meaning YOU as a person is always going to be more important to me than my products or services.

We all have been entrusted to pursue & share a God-given dream and I'm okay staying in that lane.

I expect to be both rejected by prospective clients as much as I am projected into their lives as an answer to prayer.

You decide if that's the kind of different you want in a speaker, author, coach and her products and services 🙂

And this answer is delivered with much love and respect to whatever you decide.

Yes! As a Christian, I believe it's important to be able to convey what it is we actually believe!

To that end...

My Statement of Faith

I believe in God the Father who is the ultimate Authority, Creator and Provider of all things. A Father who loves so much that He provided a way for me to have a restored relationship with Him after sin entered into the world. Restored as in no longer missing the mark (sin) of who I was created to be. 


I believe in God the Son, Jesus Christ, as my personal Savior. I believe Jesus came to earth as fully human. Through God’s provision of Jesus as a perfect, sinless sacrifice on my behalf and Christ’s victory over death as the solution to relational restoration with God. I believe salvation through Christ’s death and resurrection is the only way to have an unhindered relationship with God the Father. And by freely accepting this gift of grace and mercy I am a daughter and heir to His Kingdom.


I believe my eternity began on the day of salvation and that as Christians we are meant to be God’s Kingdom on earth and commissioned to share the gospel truth. 


I believe that while my eternity with my Heavenly Father, and Savior Christ Jesus, has already begun, the only way to live a life worthy of what I’ve been called to is through God as the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the power, wisdom, and gifts of God indwelled in those who have accepted His solution for sin, Jesus Christ, the Savior.


In summary, I believe that God's provision through Jesus Christ as the Solution to humanity's sin problem and by the power of the Holy Spirit enables believers to receive and apply God’s infallible Word and transform their lives according to His will and purpose. I believe through the power of the Holy Spirit believers are empowered to walk in the footsteps of Christ and to be agents of God's love and grace in the world.

Not sure what you need?

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