The Mess We’re In

It’s been said, that Status Quo comes from a Latin phrase for, “the mess we’re in”.

Interesting when you consider how many people strive to BE status quo or are “happy” with being status quo. Now I don’t know about you, but after hearing that definition I’m not exactly striving for status quo. 

I guess that’s why those who strive to go beyond status quo are considered high achievers, goal getters and the ever coveted adjective…successful. So what is it that they’ve done to rise above the status quo?

In my research and experience the biggest factor in rising above anything is to first recognize where you are and compare it to where you want to be.

I call this Define Your Dream – you know, that nagging thing that has been in and on your heart since you could remember! But that is a whole ‘nother topic for another time.

So essentially, this awareness would be the first step out of the “mess”.

With your own awareness in mind, take a look at the “mess you’re in”  or your current status quo status and think of where you would want to be instead.

How often does this sound like you?

You find yourself in a mess and you automatically start making excuses. How’s that working for ya? I know, it doesn’t work. Instead, it prolongs your messy stay and delays your chances at success. (speaking from total experience here, so don’t feel like I’m picking on you)

Ok, great. You recognize the mess you’re in and it’s not where you want to be – now what?

You get READY!

Review your situation.

How did you “get there”? What could you have done differently? Basically, assess your mess.

Evaluate your options.

You’ve probably already went over and over the worst case scenario, now what’s the best case scenario?

Act on one decision.

That’s where we can get all tripped up – too many decisions. Pick one and take action!

Don’t give up.

This sounds like a no-brainer, but for many of us when things get hard, we quit. (been there, done that and is now why I’m all about this)

You got this!

Sometimes we just need some encouraging peeps rooting for us.

Find them.

It’s a key factor to your success. (whatever that definition is to you)

Rest assured that I am rooting for you and if you need to hear me say it beyond a blog post, facebook page or course – let’s chat!

Climbing above status quo, one mess at a time right there with ya,

The “mess you’re in” doesn’t have to be the mess you STAY in, climb above the status quo with some Prioritized Focus!

Pssst…this blog post is also the inspiration for the Prioritized Focus Podcast Episode #52

Oh, and if you struggle with “time management”, you’re probably going to want this 👇 handy guide!


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