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Deana MESS passionate imperfectionist

Hey there you Valued, Amazing Lady in business!

I can't believe my FIRST book, "You're a Beautiful Messterpiece," is here! EEK!

If you're new to me and my work, the first thing you should probably know is that my name is pronounced, Dee-nuh. After that, know that I'm on a mission to guide Christian women in business like you. . .

  • to identify and own your unique strengths,
  • embrace the beautiful MESS you get to call life,
  • how to show up confidently with resilience and grace
  • to pursue your God-given dream because it's what you were made for.

As a speaker, author (whew! can't believe I get to say that now), and consultant, I'm committed to arming women with the tools and insights they need to succeed in her faith, life and business.

Deana Farrell holding her book You're A Beautiful MESSterpiece

A book written for the Christian woman in business, by a Christian woman in business!

Real experiences, raw honesty, transparent tactics, and coaching that gives you the courage to stand up and out — because that's what you were created to do!

This book is for you if you are

conflicted separating being Christian from your business

over being sold & told what success looks like to and for YOU

living the expected version of yourself instead of the one you were designed for

You're A Beautiful MESSterpiece

My very first published book is here!

I recorded the introduction for you so you can decide if MESSterpiece is for you :)

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What other's have to say...

mon headshot

An absolute game-changer for Christian women, especially those in business. Deana's so relatable and gives practical step-by-step instructions, it's like having a trusted friend empowering you to align your faith with every aspect of your life. This book is a gem and a must-read for those seeking to unleash their God-given potential. Trust me, you will be inspired and better equipped for your journey of faith, growth, and success."



CEO of Mon Ministries & Mon Christian Gifts

“For anyone who's looking to get off the hamster wheel just rolling, rolling, and rolling... this is for us! This book reads like Deana is right there with you, talking to you, not at you. Very encouraging."


Wife, Mom of 4 & Licensed Clinical Social Worker

“This book meets you where you are! Starting, seasoned, or somewhere in the middle, it's truly a guide that's meant to be revisited. I really love how Deana makes you feel safe and helps you understand your "failures" are an important part of your learning and experience."


Quilt Judge, Speaker & Founder of Quilt Concierge
beth mynatt

“Whew! I got my toes stepped on in the BEST way. Deana has a way of calling you out on those old reasons you're not progressing, then GIVES you the tools to help yourself. This book is a coach, cheerleader, and workbook all in one. I can see it as a manual for leaders in direct sales, or those who go out on their own, thinking what's next?"


Digital Creator & Founder of Don't OUTSOURCE Your Voice!
adrianne podcast cover

I appreciated Deana sharing her journey,  through hard times, MLM success and then making peace with her next steps, and getting super actionable about values and vision.  It's really beautiful how she gets the reader to visualize into the future; it was quite hypnotic at the end of chapter 4 with all the visualization and future pacing.  I appreciated the idea of standing in the gap and serving a group of people, that God gives us that gift of service to give."


Host of the top rated Get Well With Me Podcast
Sally Chetwynd of Brass Castle Arts

“Deana Farrell’s You’re a Beautiful MESSterpiece is a brilliant work for anyone seeking to escape the pitfall mindset. Farrell’s tone is gentle, conversational, and compassionate. (You can’t argue with “been there, done that” testimony.) She shares her messes with us so we can relate to her: Being willing to expose our vulnerability draws others to us, because they can relate – we all have our messes, whether or not we want to deal with them. In doing so, we serve as models of humility. Only through humility can we emerge from the messes that we complicate our lives with. With concrete examples of how to shift our stubborn mindsets, Farrell provides a roadmap to healing and spiritual fulfillment that will resonate through every aspect of life, personal and professional. MESSterpiece is a masterpiece!"


CEO of Brass Castle Arts, Copywriter, Copyeditor & Author of Bead of Sand and The Sturgeon’s Dance
roberta cincotti anna lee's cookies and cream

“Love that Deana is straight up and calls people out.  In a good way, not an uncomfortable way.  I also enjoy how she put so much of herself into the chapters.  Showing she really is on the journey as well. 

What I miss in some books I've read, is the "how".  We may know, or have some inkling on what to do, but it's the how or the roadmap guide that is missing. Deana filled that gap with this book beautifully!"


Realtor & Owner of Anna Lee's Cookies & Cream
Michele Weisman headshot for testimonial about Beautiful MESSterpiece

“I love Deana's raw life experiences that expose her grit, revealing her heart to push us all over the finish line of God's calling."



Author & Ministry Founder of Two or Three, and weekly blog, Walking On Mustard Seeds

Stop Procrastinating and Start Prioritizing.

Many women in business believe that it’s “lack of time” that keeps them from having a fulfilling life and successful business. This false belief causes them to overcompensate out of guilt on one hand and
underestimate what they CAN do on the other. You're A Beautiful MESSterpiece is the guide you've been wanting, waiting for, and shares the not-so-secret sauce to your success no one is talking about!

Signed Author Copies Available

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Beautiful Messterpiece Book
  • Define

    who you need to become despite your MESSes in order to handle the dream you were made for

  • Discover

    what's MESSing with your progress so that you'll always find your right fit no matter what others say fits you better

  • Determine

    when and where your kind of F.O.C.U.S happens and why it's so important to your mission and MESSage

  • Do it!

    aligning your MESS with the MESSage you've been assigned is not just a goal, but the life you were assigned to live

Ephesians 2:10 in matching book cover font for You're A Beautiful Messterpiece

Free Resources!

part of a keyboard, coffee cup, Deana's book You're A Beautiful MESSterpiece and the top portion of the printable 3 Keys to Prioritized Focus

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Grab the one-sheet printable that has helped so many women determine what's really a priority, then make progress! (and it's why I had to include it in the book)

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Feeling like your faith, life, and business is just one big cycle of progress, mess, repeat?

Maybe it's time to ASSESS YOUR MESS so that you can get focused on making your way and version to forward ⇒ prog-mess!

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30-Day Mini Devotional Guide

Get a simplified daily list of all the Scripture verses used throughout the book, "You're A Beautiful MESSterpiece," in a way you can apply to your day. Plus you'll learn what chapter it came from!