Moments + MOMents = Memories

We all have moments – good, bad, sad, mad, those that linger and those we regret.

String them together and you have memories.

If you’re a Mom like me,  have one (you are here so…) or know one, then there’s no doubt you’ve heard or experienced one of our/their “MOMents”…

  • MOMents that are completely endearing and make you want to hug your Mom or erect a MOMument in her honor.
  • MOMents that make you laugh so hard you may have ‘leaked’ a little. (After birthing three children I may or may not know anything about this leaking when laughing, sneezing, coughing, jumping…) 
  • MOMents that may have you watching their children a little more closely – either for their protection or yours! (certainly not yours or mine…wink-wink!)

As Moms we laugh, cry, get frustrated and so many more emotions when it comes to our kiddos, but its often those same moments that are the ones we recall or replay with either elation or guilt.

Mom, today I want to encourage you to look at your own MOMents and take inventory to see if you are more living in them or with them.

For me, I feel like I’ve only recently made the conscious effort to refine my moments so that I could help design the kind of memories I want to leave. My 2016 word was reflect and was the beginning of helping me to really focus on my MOMents. Thanks to reflecting on the seasons I’ve been through so far, (2018 has been a DOOZEY so far…) it is helping me to refine and design my MOMents.

Whether an actual mom or a mom-like influencer, we have the opportunity to create memories by our moments.

Here are some tips to make the best of our MOMents:

Make them count.
Own and apologize for your meltdowns.
Make goals to improve your relationships.
Express your gratitude everyday.
Never too late, young, old or far to grow.
Take time out for your loved ones & YOU.
Speak their love language. (gifts, acts of service, words of confirmation…)

The fact that you visited my blog today and you’ve read this far, is a thankful moment for me. My passion is to grow and help others grow and my prayer is that the moments you spend here and the words you read are encouraging to you!

I send encouraging thoughts to those who may have a physical distance or a relational one, between you and your Mom right now. Just know that you have the choice to make a moment and define a memory.  A special heartfelt prayer goes to those of you whose Moms are with you only in your memories. God only knows the feelings of your heart and is capable of bringing the comfort you need.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day and I hope your moments string together for some beautiful memories.

Working on defining the MOMents & the moments,

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