Mood Mayhem Busters So You’ll Keep Your Focus

You’ll know you’re suffering from mood mayhem if you find yourself telling people you’re in this weird funk. One that you can’t quite put your finger on, but has you thinking things like, “I’m ready to rock this plan and get after it!” and the very next minute, questioning yourself with, “why bother?”

Ever been there? Wanting to do it all, but then think…nah, maybe tomorrow.

☝ Well, that my friend is the beginning of setting yourself up for some mood mayhem.

Mood mayhem is when you allow your emotions to dictate your decisions instead of your choices.

Here’s when I know I need to take notice and beware of mood mayhem – I’ll catch myself having thoughts of

  • “What is wrong with me, why can’t I just get this/do this/be this [whatever your this is]?” to,
  • “Oh, wait, this is a distraction! Nice try…#haveaseatSatan” to
  • “How much longer is this project, goal, achievement [fill in the blank] going to take?!”

Recognizing you’re about to be led by your emotions (mood), over actively making choices is an important step in preventing mood mayhem.

Ignoring this difference, emotion over choice, can mess with your mindset, disrupt your focus, and most definitely cause mood mayhem!

As one who has worked from home since well before the events of 2020, I’ve been down this road before – dealing with a messed mindset, disrupted routine, and mood mayhem.

Some of the known Mood Mayhems that have been known to jack up my mindset & routine are telling myself

  • “I didn’t really “do” anything yesterday” so I can. . . skip the shower today.
  • “I love not having to get dressed every day!” so it’s. . . sweats again.
  • “I’m not really sure what I should do next” so. . . I’ll grab a snack, cup of tea, text a friend.
  • “I’m so sick of the nonsense on social media” so. . . I’m staying away from it!
  • “I’m definitely not as good as she is at ‘it’ “ so. . . why bother?

Do any of those sound familiar to you too? Oh, the joys & perks of working from home. Maybe you’re saying these things or similar sentiments to yourself on a regular basis. The real question is 👉 who are you trying to convince that these are perks, benefits, or even the truth? You or others?

That list is just the beginning of a potentially downward spiral of defeating your focus.

Losing your focus ultimately affects your impact for who you were meant to show up for and why!

No judgement here, just a friendly warning from someone who’s been there and learned lessons and clues that can lead to mood mayhem.

To help combat this mood mayhem, I’ve come up with some things to help you BUST those mood that could lead to mayhem. Put them in your toolbox when you find yourself slipping into less than focused, productive work time.

Top 3 Mood Mayhem Busters

Think of these as GOOD habit triggers or even as Mood Mayhem resets. The key here is when you start to see your emotions running the show more than your choices, it’s a good indicator you need to bust up some of the mood mayhem that’s happening!

#1 – Define your best YOU.

While we are aware that we may not BE the best in our fields, that’s not permission to opt out of being YOUR best.

Your life is a reflection of your standards. Accept the minimum, expect the minimum. Expect excellence and you will find yourself accepting it as your standard.

When are you at your best? Who pushes you to be your best? What makes you feel your best? (yes, feelings follow choice, but you can pre-determine what that is based on experience 😉)

Identifying your own personal core values would be a great start to helping you define your best you. Those core values become your North Star and will guide you back to who and where you were meant to be.

Not sure “who you are” beyond titles, labels and your past histories? Start with making a list of who you are NOT and characteristics that are NOT acceptable to you. Sometimes when we struggle to define what we want, it can be easier to identify what we don’t!

Still need help? Maybe you’re not sure of the right target. To that end, you should grab the FREE A.I.M. workbook.

Hard to focus if you don’t know where to A.I.M?

#2 – Discover your best practices.

Defining what it means to be your best and what that actually looks like in your day to day are two different animals. You’ll have to take some time to pay attention, experiment, and practice what works. Not only what works, but what works best for YOU.

Let’s be honest, we know when we are skipping the shower because we are slipping into a pity party of some sort or if it’s because we chose to give ourselves grace that day.

Listen, I loooove my sweats – I really do! But. . .  when they become your everyday wear, it will become your only option of what you can wear!!! And that can get you in a mood that’s not so happy.

It’s okay to give yourself a free pass (grace) every now and again, but make sure it’s a conscious decision and not a feeling that you succumb to.

You bet I have the occasional frumpy Fridays, sweats Saturdays, or a PJ Tuesday? And hey, maybe I even skip the shower too! But then again, sometimes just jumping in the shower is like a warm hug I didn’t even know I needed.

It’s important to discover what drives you internally because that’s what will motivate you externally.

Need help finding your internal drivers? Schedule a call!

Whether your best practices include look good, feel good, or a routine pep talk to yourself, or your favorite candle burning while you work – feelings follow choice. So make choices based on your defined standards and core values, then discover ways to put them into practice consistently.

#3 – Determine to take control

Now there’s a find line between taking control and being a control freak. I’ve written about this before and you can read that HERE.

No one can tell you what your dream is or what your success looks like. One has been assigned to you and the other is defined by your focus and your goals. 

No matter how out of control things may seem or even be around us, we get to choose where to prioritize our focus. And truth be told, focus is the only way to any goal! 

Determining to take control of your life is the first decision you need to make. Then you’ll have clarity on

  • what it is you stand for, 
  • what you will fight for, and 
  • what it is that will matter in the end. 

If you don’t, someone will be glad to come along and do it for you. Not only is that not as much fun, but it’s also just not where you belong.

get the choices printable

Determine the places and spaces that support you being the best you. Then show up!

You are in control of your choices. Be determined to choose wisely.

Now is this a complete and comprehensive list of mood mayhem busters? Of course not! I could have added things about nutrition, vitamins, exercise, environment, and more. The goal here was for you to see the power of your choices over your emotions and what you are absolutely capable of when it comes to busting your mood mayhems when they strike!

working to defeat the moods before they become mayhem right there with ya,

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