Hey Goal-Getter, MOVE with GRACE!

Move. Easier said than done! Some days it takes a lot to move.

It can feel like you have cement shoes, a backpack full of rocks and sandbags on your eyelids! And that’s just physical movement!

What about mental movement? For some of us we can accomplish some real mental Olympics in that brain of ours, both good and/or bad!

Some of our mindset moments can be brilliant and well deserving of a perfect 10! And then, well, others…an equivalent of the unwanted kind of a viral video because of say…a face-plant or something.

Are you with me?

No matter if we have physical goals, personal goals or business goals, if we expect to MOVE from where we are to where we want to be, it’s going to take some, well…moving and some grace!

Whether those are small moves or big ones all depends on you, your goal and the commitment and consistency you apply.

So let’s get you to make a MOVE, shall we?

MOVE it…

  • Make a decision. Are you going to wallow or make plans to win? Excuses or execution. What are you going to DO?
  • Own your responsibility, ability and accountability. Success depends on leadership and the first person you lead my friend, is YOU.
  • Value the opportunities you have right in front of you right now. Books, internet, people, workshops…USE them.
  • Expect it to be hard work. Now with that expectation out of the way, how will you prepare?

Sure, sure..just MOVE. Easier said than done and that’s why any goal-getters movement needs some GRACE too.

Here’s some goal-getter grace for whenever the movements get hard.

GRACE for your movement…

  • Getting sidelined happens. Whether it’s self-inflicted or not, it happens. The make or break difference is what is your plan for WHEN it happens?
  • Realistic. Oh, we have such a hard time with this one! We are either all or nothing movements and little movement or little progress = failure. WRONG! Get real and progress is the most fantastic goal you can have!
  • Assessments regularly mean that you care, ready to move in the right direction and keeps you keeping it real. What do you need to move you further, faster? (skill, time, knowledge, resources, etc.)
  • Capability is a huge component of your success. Focus on the things within your control, not the things that are not.
  • Encouragement. Don’t expect to get very far without it. Print the quotes, emails, blog posts, save the emails, texts, download the song, video…

Now with grace comes some responsibility. Be too gracious with yourself and you will give up on your movement, not enough grace and you’ll find it too hard to move.

When it comes to closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be, I hope you find all that you need to MOVE with GRACE and share your success journey with others!

Finding my own grace moves right there with you,


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