Nurturing the grit, grace & gusto to answer your God-sized calling

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Untangling the MESS often attached to thoughts, feelings, and expectations behind your God-sized calling takes grit, grace, and gusto! Well, if there’s anyone that can help you untangle that MESS…it’s this girl 🙋‍♀️

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Seriously, to help you save time, energy, and heartache, I wrote a BOOK about untangling that MESS!

But in this post we’re going to help you clarify the BIG elephant in the room. The one that is often the culprit for confusion and frustration when it comes to your life’s mission and ultimately your progress.

Unmystifying your God-sized calling

Think of it as the gentle whispers, series of nudges, to the undeniable bold directional promptings guiding you to your “what’s next” phase.

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Your God-sized calling isn’t a singular, isolated one-time event. It’s an ongoing connection between you and God.

Redefining your God-sized calling is an ever-evolving and dynamic relationship that is always pointing you to your purpose.

Think of how many “calls” for your attention you get throughout the day. Emails, texts, actual calls, “the scroll” and the call to action that follows…

God reaches out to you in various ways throughout the day too.

  • Maybe it’s a song, and “that” lyric is just sticking with you, makes you ponder, worship, or even cry
  • Perhaps it’s one of those pithy wisdom quotes in the midst of your scroll that tugs on your priorities
  • It could be that verse that “grabbed” you in your hurried devotional time
  • Sometimes an encouraging, convicting, or sustaining word from a friend or even a stranger,

Getting easier to understand and hopefully recognize some of those times and ways God’s calling you? Just as you have a choice to which calls you answer or give your focused attention to, your God-sized call is no different.

Answering the calls that are designed and meant for you often takes grit, grace, and some gusto!

Gritty Availability and Readiness
Your season, level of courage, or whether or not you feel equipped can influence whether or not you answer these calls! Let alone give a, YES!

God’s not looking for your feelings, He’s waiting for your willingness. He’ll provide the way, equip you through the process of your YES, and lead you to the right path every time.

Time to let go of the worry over the level of “difficulty” and focus on being a disciplined, called warrior!

Grace in Your Relationship Dynamics
The quality of your conversations are dependent on the strength of that relationship, right? Well, that’s no different when it comes to your Heavenly Father.

Become focused on not just who God is, or what He’s capable of, but what He says, specifically, to you – you’ll have a much better connection.

Gusto for Your Motives and Desires
Your enthusiasm or enjoyment for answering God’s calls depends on your motives and desires. Are they yours, His or influenced by someone or something else?

Decide to be driven by your purpose versus distracted by the world’s latest playground. When you understand your purpose, it’s easier to bring your brand of passion to answering your God-sized call!

3 Ways to Nurture the Grit, Grace & Gusto it takes to answer those God-sized calls

  1. Get gritty: Face challenges head on and learning from your setbacks helps you get up faster.
  2. Give yourself grace: Embrace the messy middle of the journey as progress!
  3. Gusto is your gift: It’s the enthusiasm you give to your calling and is contagious. Plus, that passion only propels you toward the purpose you were created for!

Things to remember about calling my dear MESSterpieces…

Your God-sized calling isn’t a destination it’s a divine communication. Listen, there will be challenges, face them with grit, grace, and the kind of gusto that makes you stand out like the masterpiece you were created to be!

embracing the MESSy middle of the journey right there with ya,

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Need some help navigating that MESSy middle? Whenever you’re ready, these are the top 3 ways to get that personalized help!

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