We all need OARS, so make sure they’re good ones!

While out in our little lifeboats in the expansive oceans of life, we should really be sure to have some good OARS.

You’d think that would go without saying right? Who would take their lifeboat out into the ocean without OARS? 

No matter how close to shore you are, you still need them to steer your boat. (or at least try!) OARS could even be used to defend yourself or as a floating device in the event of something bad {insert your version of bad here} happening!

Hey, my lifeboat may be beat up, in need of a new paint job and has it’s share of patch jobs, but I will always invest in good OARS.

By now you’re probably wondering where I’m going with this whole metaphor. (I knew you were smart enough to figure that out {wink})

You want to be sure that you have the right…

Resources and 

…so that you can navigate your personal lifeboat through the oceans of life!

Ok, let’s leave the metaphor behind for a sec and look at this a bit more closely.

What would your life would be like if you weren’t given some OPPORTUNITY?

It’s the opportunities in life that make way for the changes that happen.
Now whether or not you choose to create them or take them, are totally up to you, you have the choice. 

As you think about the opportunities that you’ve taken, created or even missed, I hope you would also consider how you could be an opportunity provider for someone else.

When was the last time you had an ACCOUNTABILITY check?

How far do you usually get without some sort of accountability in your life?
Whether you are accountable to a person or a cause, it’s one of the best “measuring sticks” for determining if we are headed in the right direction. It’s also a good indicator for how close or far we are from the desired destination.

Those who have people that hold them accountable to their personal goals are the ones who usually achieve them!

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How are your RESOURCES?

If “google it” and checking social media are your go-to resources – ummm…Houston, we have a problem.

I personally find that people are my best resources. It may be via a book or their website, but a real person non the less. When was the last time you sought out a good resource for your particular situation or need?

And last, but certainly not the least of one of the best part of our OARS and the final question…

Who are your SUPPORT peeps?

It’s been said, that we are the sum of the five people (or things…so books, media, etc.) we spend the most time with.

So are those five peeps (or things) pointing you TO your potential and it’s future or keeping you where you are or don’t want to be? Ouch! Right?

Sometimes we really need to look at our support system and make sure it’s a GOOD one!

Always willing to invest in some good OARS right there with you,

How about you? What are your best OARS? C’mon, we’re all in this big ocean together – go ahead and share!

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