One Common Purpose

Did you know that we all have one common purpose?

Seriously, we have ONE common purpose that we were not only created to live out, but uniquely designed and equipped to do it!

Now I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty cool and a whole lot less competitive when you think about it, right?

The common purpose that we all have is to share the good news to others of God’s love for them.

And God has been preparing and equipping us to succeed at it our whole life.

It’s our dream. 

Our dream is God’s gift to us and He has uniquely and specifically designed us to carry out our one common purpose – to share the good news of His love for others through that dream.



When you are in alignment to that one common purpose and your heart of heart desire, it begins to make perfect sense!

What’s that “thing” that you love, comes easy to you and benefits others when you are doing it?

Odds are you know that answer but, we tend to overcomplicate it.

We believe other’s dreams are meant to be our dreams. 

Maybe we’ve been told:

  • our dream is too big
  • our dream is too unrealistic
  • we’re too old to pursue “that dream”

We are caught telling ourselves:

  • we’re not equipped enough
  • we’re not qualified or educated enough
  • we don’t have enough time, energy or resources

All the while, we can’t seem to shake this nagging sense that we must have been meant for more than “this”! We tell others to go after their dreams, yet inside we feel guilty because does anyone really live their dream?

We allowed fear, doubt and other’s opinions to talk us out of our biggest dreams and goals or worse, we have become unsure of what our dream is/was anymore.

Stop taking other’s word for your life and it’s purpose and find the truth for yourself – odds are, there are plenty of clues. 

Our future is contingent on our faith in the present and only then will we be able to look back and see our histories make sense. 

The answer to living our purpose is our dream.

God gifted you with that dream, your dream in your heart because it’s meant to be your gift to a specific group of people.

They’ve been waiting for you. 

They’ve been needing to hear your MESSage.

Who is it that you believe God has been preparing and equipping you to stand in the gap for?

You may just be closer than you think to achieving solid faith, a satisfying life and even the strengthened business you’ve imagined and it’s been wrapped up in that dream of yours!

striving toward progress on my big dream right there with ya,

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Until you begin to explore & pursue that dream of yours, it’s going to hang 
around and nag at you until you do – so here’s something to get you started!!




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