Over it!

“I’m over it!” That’s the sentiment that has been on my mind lately.

Have you ever found yourself declaring, “I’m over it!” when you’ve just hit one too many obstacles?

This week alone I’ve had my own “over it” moments in the way of…
…back to school needs for two of the three kiddos, (oh and those same two having a myriad of doctor, dental and therapy appointments – what was I thinking?!)
…lost internet – that’s super helpful for running an online business
…trying to integrate a whole new system to my website (Prioritized Focus Success Monthly)

Blah, blah, blah…because you’ve got your own “over it” frustrating set backs, right?

Here is WHY I created prioritized focus and what it has taught me to fight getting OVER the “monsterous” feelings of …


As I’m working through my own big “…BUTS” and finding creative ways to share how I’m learning to:

  • OVERTURN a negative mindset
  • stop OVER [fill in the blank] (eating, shopping, binge watching…) because of feelings
  • be the OVERSEER of my own bigger picture

It has become SO important for me to prioritize my focus on learning how to be:

  • an OVERCOMER, so that…
  • I can live OVERJOYED to the point of actually having…
  • OVERFLOW that keeps me energized, purposeful and productive!

Who wants to work on getting OVER to that kind of living with me?!


Prioritizing my focus on the right kind of OVER It! living right there with ya,

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