Overcome midlife frustrations for a purposeful life with focus!

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Purposeful living. We all crave it and spend a lot of time chasing after it. All with hopes of one day conquering the achievement of a purposeful life.

As a fellow middle-aged Beautiful MESSterpiece, I know first hand the frustrations that trip us up on the quest to this common life goal.

There are what I like to call, Four Frustrating F’s that mess with living a purposeful life.

  • Family/Friends –> our relationships
  • Faith –> our beliefs
  • Fuel –> our mojo (what drives us)
  • Finances –> our perceptions that keep us paying or propelling
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Now, that was a brief, brief version of the usual suspects to what seemingly (and consistently) trip us up on our journey to legacy status. (for the deep-dive see Chapter 5 of my book)

One of the key indicators there’s a frustration brewing, is when you start hearing yourself say that you’re stuck.

Often, we identify stuck as a place or a problem in and of itself, but the truth is it’s actually a feeling.

The sticky truth about feeling stuck with arrowed sticky notes

Saying you’re stuck is actually expressing a feeling that’s indicating a bigger, unresolved issue. For added measure, most of the time, that “issue” is within your control to change.

The important part I want us to get and dig into here about those 4 Frustrating F’s is recognizing the symptoms indicating the root behind them.

Let me know if any of these symptoms sound familiar when it comes to the frustrations that are hindering the purposeful life you imagine for yourself.

  • Overwhelm, a symptom often rooted in perfectionism. And likely with a side of negative self-image.
  • Frustration is usually the indicating a lack of progress.
  • Depression and anxiousness are frequently rooted in lacking a proper D.O.S.E. in your life. I cover this in more detail in Chapter 4.5 in the book, but to keep things moving here, I’ll tell you its your levels of Dopamine, Oxytocin, Seratonin, and Endorphins.
  • Unmotivated typically stems from “lack of purpose” and yes, I’ve got more to say on that one too! (go here)

You may be thinking, “I’m very familiar with those symptoms and feelings. Now what?!”

Pause, ponder, and pray would be my advice for a first step in addressing the root of what’s preventing your goal for purposeful living.


Now it’s time to make a decision and take action. What will you choose to do? And most importantly, where is God in the choice?

Complain about the problem. Conform to what others think you should handle the problem. Confront the root cause of the problem and deal with it.

If you choose to confront the problem, you’re my kind of VAL! (that’s what I call the women that I work with, Valued, Amazing Ladies)

To those who are ready to tackle what’s hindering that pursuit of purposeful life here’s the #1 thing you need to learn to master. . .are you ready?

Be intentional. Sounds simple enough, right?

Yet many VALs struggle, mirroring their menopausal symptoms: hot and excited one moment, cold and uninterested the next. Mood swings, panic, and feeling defeated by lack of progress.

Let’s make wise choices with the information we gather and then use it with intention.

3 ways to be intentional this week when it comes to living a life of purpose

  1. Choose an anchor verse. Listen, the going is going to get tough. Be prepared, dare I say intentional, about having something to re-center your focus.
  2. Schedule your priorities. If it matters it should have time in your day. If everything is a priority, nothing is. Girl, you’ve got to prioritize for your reality. Stretch, yes, overshoot, no ma’am.
  3. Assign an accountability partner. And no, it can’t be you. . .You don’t have to make it weird or complicated. It can be a simple text to a friend asking them to send you a text on a certain day/time with the instructions: “how’d you do with that goal/deadline/to-do?”
Prioritized Focus Roadmap graphic with swerved lines, numbered pathways and steps

Don’t overwhelm yourself and make this more complicated than it needs to be. Need help? Schedule a call with me, Prioritized Focus is kinda my jam!

focused on living with purposeful intention right there with ya,

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Whenever you’re ready to take action, I’m here for you! Maybe you’ll book a Free call with me, join the email newsletter or visit the Focus Shop

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