Give Your PEACE a Chance

What thoughts bubble to the surface when you hear the word peace?

Peaceful place, mind, state…all of these describe some sort of “peace”. 

Are you thinking of hippies with long hair driving Volkswagens waving with “peace” fingers out the window?

Is it a time of coming to a mutual agreement between two countries, communities or even companies after a long disruptive conflict? 

Or are your thoughts of peace much less about others and it’s just the ability to quiet your own mind?!

If you Google peace, you’ll get this definition right off the bat:
” freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility”

We all know that peace is all of these things and even a hybrid of them when it comes to us personally.

As someone who aspires to inspire others to go after their goals and someone who looks for ways to share tools, tips and strategies, I have found that finding one’s peace is a universal goal!

Want an easy to remember strategy to remind yourself to have some patience with yourself while in pursuit of your own peace? Of course you do!

Just remember:



Allow for better

Choices so that we can

Excel in our future

Imagine what our lives could be if we really embraced this idea?

What if every time we find ourselves in the midst of an unrest or a disturbance that threatens our quiet and tranquility we stopped to ask ourselves…

Have I already learned from my past experiences something that would allow me to make a better choice right now so that I can excel in my future?

I don’t know about you, but having a “go-to” thought or question to ask myself in the midst of a mess already brings some sense of peace to a situation!

Working on how to find, keep and give my peace a chance right there with ya,

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