The 30-Day Prioritized Focus Success Planner

Curious aren't ya?
You're probably thinking, "A 30-Day Planner?"


Well Goal-Getter,

Before you dismiss this planner because it's "just 30 days" let me ask you...
  • are you lugging around a YEARLY planner (business or otherwise) when you know
    that you can barely make plans beyond the next month?!
  • are most of the daily pages left blank because you immediately become paralyzed
    with WHAT it is you're supposed to even fill in? (what if it's wrong?!)
  • are you "cheating" by going BACK and filling out what you DID so that you can feel accomplished and look impressive? (umm, to who by the way?) 
Oh, and how about these popular "tactics" when you find yourself stuck or if we're really being honest...bored with your planner.
  • Buy a new planner with attractive/inspiring cover because clearly that makes one a better planner
  • Pretty stickers save time and prove how busy you are (and we bought into this belief because...???)
  • planners the size and weight of a phone book (remember those?) shows your importance/organization

Time-management is a multi-million dollar industry and the
printed planner out-sells the calendar year after year.


Clearly we love our planners, but do our planners love US?


The 30-Day Prioritized Focus Success Planner is is the planner you never knew you needed!

How much do you think your productivity would increase if you could...
  • prioritize your focus in just 30-Day increments?
  • with daily call to actions, a place to "brain dump" and record a WIN and a whine each day? 
  • hold yourself accountable with end of the week assessments?
  • decide at the end of the 30 days what went well, what you're going to carry over and what needs improvement for your next 30 days?
planner intro mock up

Walk through what it means to Prioritize Focus and how it changes the way you plan your next 30 days!


YOU decide what Day ONE is, not the calendar. Productivity begins when you determine it's time.

snapshot of 30-day focus planner and brief description of each

Daily call to actions, a place to "brain dump", record your WINS & your whines for the day. PLUS end of the week review questions.

This planner is designed to help you MAKE PROGRESS - periodt!
And why wouldn't it?
It's like having a mini:
  • Accountability Partner to keep you focused 
  • Encouraging Coach checking in on you weekly
  • Journal to keep those brain dumps, ideas and track progress


The only way that we win at achieving our BIG goals, by taking small steps consistently.
The 30-Day Prioritized Focus Success Planner has proven time and time again (since 2017)
that it WORKS in helping those who use it make progress!


Want one for yourself?!


Are we sending you one?


making progress 30 days at a time right there with ya,

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