Stop the Endless Cycle of Planning

Start Prioritizing your faith, life & work you were meant for!

Stop Procrastinating and Start Prioritizing.

Hey there you Valued, Amazing Lady!

Imma 'bout to step on your favorite FEELINGS when it comes to how your most ambitious goal-planning typically goes.

Just tell me if any of these go-to "reasons" hit your top 10 list when it comes to your perputual planning...

  • Reason: "I'm really busy"

    Reality: You're only as busy as you allow yourself to be

  • Reason: "I'm not sure how/if..."

    Reality: Overthinking & perfectionism is the sloooowest route to progress

  • Reason: "I'll start when..."

    Reality: Conditions only improve when you make a move

Negative narratives keep you planning, procrastinating, and perpetually MISSING the fulfilling and impactful life you were meant for!

Don't underestimate what you are capable of, can control, and ultimately create for yourself!

You were purposed for a greater why not plan with greater purpose?

30-Day Prioritized Focus Planner

Curious aren't ya? You're probably thinking..."A 30-Day Planner?! How's that work?"

Well Goal-Getter,

Before you dismiss this planner because it's "just 30 days" let me ask you some questions...

  1. Are you lugging around a YEARLY planner (business or otherwise) when you know
    that you can barely make plans beyond the next month?!
  2. Are most of the daily pages left blank because you immediately become paralyzed
    with WHAT it is you're supposed to even fill in? (what if it's wrong?!)
  3. Are you "cheating" by going BACK and filling out what you DID so that you can feel accomplished and look impressive? (umm, to who by the way?) 

By the way, there is nothing wrong with any of that IF it works for you and you're consistently making progress.

But maybe you're more in line with these "reasons":

Deana Farrell pointing off to the side
  • You got bored or stuck with your current planner so a pretty/inspiring NEW cover should spark your productivity!
  • Your favorite "influencer" uses this one, and gave you a discount code
  • It has pretty stickers, tabs, and the size of a phone book (remember those?) to show how "organized" you are (*cough* busy badge)

Time-management is a multi-million dollar industry and the printed planner out-sells the calendar year after year.

Clearly we LOVE our planners! But do our planners love us?!

Tired of being told & sold time management?

These reasons are EXACTLY why the 30-Day Prioritized Focus Planner was born! Because getting a new planner every 6-8 weeks when I got bored or no longer seeing progress was not a sustainable "method" for this goal-getting gal.

That was back in 2017 and today's, NEW version of the 30-Day Prioritized Focus Planner has come a long way!


Which will you choose?


The 30-Day Prioritized Focus Success Planner is is the planner you never knew you needed!

How much do you think your productivity would increase if you could...
  • prioritize your focus in just 30-Day increments?
  • with daily call to actions, a place to "brain dump" and record a WIN and a whine each day? 
  • hold yourself accountable with end of the week assessments?
  • decide at the end of the 30 days what went well, what you're going to carry over and what needs improvement for your next 30 days?

These are a huge part of the Beautiful MESSterpiece collection of resources!

The planner that's designed to help you MAKE PROGRESS!
And why wouldn't it?  It's like having a mini:
  • Accountability Partner to keep you focused 
  • Encouraging Coach checking in on you weekly
  • Journal to keep those brain dumps, ideas and track progress
  • The NEW 2023 version has perforated pages 

The only way that we win at achieving our BIG goals, by taking small steps consistently.
The 30-Day Prioritized Focus Success Planner has proven time and time again (since 2017)
that it WORKS in helping those who use it make progress!

making progress 30 days at a time right there with ya,

name signature Deana

P.S. There's only a limited supply left of the original version!