Practical Tactics to conquer confusion and propel your progress

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How do Valued, Amazing Ladies in business like us conquer the confusion that steals so much of our time, energy, and progress? Well, VAL, that’s what today’s post is all about. Getting practical and tactical in what it really takes to prioritize your focus and make serious progress!

Covering 5 main areas as they relate to our responsibility, accountability, and much more exciting…possibility. I mean, after all, dreaming about our goals is the fun part, doing what it takes to close the gap, a bit more function than fun.

Conquering confusion is going to take conviction, check-ins, confidence, a good community, and counting the cost of it all responsibly.


Convictions are a great help in overcoming your confusion.

Clarity gives you direction. Sure, we know this, understand it even, but getting the clarity we need when confusion is swirling around our brain like a tornado in Kansas, not so easy.

Next thing you know, you’re a puddle of paralysis by over-analysis! If overthinking was a sport, women would dominate!

First, let’s better understand the word, convictions. It simply means a settled way of thinking or feeling about something. In other words, you’ve come to a conclusion, made a decision about it and sticking with it is a priority. Need help mapping out yours? Click Here for some personalized help.

Decision, did you catch that? Conviction means you made a decision. Ah, there lies both our problem and solution! Too many suffer from decision fatigue and it’s affecting your progress.

Stick to your convictions and you’ll benefit by

  • Clarity of direction: You won’t know if it’s the right direction until you’ve made the decision to make a move. And VAL (Valued, Amazing Lady, that’s okay!)
  • Resilience: When confusion comes up (and it will), your convictions work as a foundation to help you stay tough and handle those challenges!
  • Prioritization: conquering confusion frees you up to prioritize your to-do’s, and your to-don’ts and keeps you aligned with your values and long-term goals.
  • Motivation: Yes, please! Staying true to your convictions inspires you to be proud of yourself. You are standing tall and firm despite the setbacks. That my friend is motivating.

One of the best ways I’ve found to solidify your convictions is to first define your own personal values. It’s step #1 in The 3 Essentials Guide. Once you learn how to identify your core values and use them as chief decision-makers, your convictions are only that much stronger! Click Here to get yours.

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Propelling your progress will take more than conquering confusion, you’ll also need regular check-ins.

Keeping promises to yourself is probably one of the most difficult goals you have. Especially when it comes to achieving it. However, you probably don’t give “this goal” as much thought or attention as you should. That’s where regular check-ins in various areas of your life come in handy.

Check-ins are not just a handy goal-getter tool, but super helpful and propelling you in the direction you want to go. Don’t believe me? Take a look at some of the benefits of checking in with yourself, aka, holding yourself accountable.

  • Self-Awareness: When you check in on yourself from time to time it enables you to recognize patterns. Those patterns lead to a conviction that then leads you to…a decision. Change something or continue?

    Journaling is a favorite of mine for this very reason. And below is just one of the results of the habit of journaling. And you can grab it over in the Focus Shop.
Faith & Focus 30-Day Guide
  • Hatch, Patch, or Detach: Another “answer” you’ll get when you commit to regular check-ins with yourself. Not sure what I mean? Check out this post.
  • Real-Time Feedback: I’d recommend an accountability partner for this for an added layer of progress toward your goals.
  • Momentum: Consistent check-ins help you not only keep your momentum but maintain it. That’s what’s going to help keep you engaged and focused.

Ditching confusion helps create confidence especially when you focus on continuous learning.

Continued learning is an excellent way to bolster and even create some confidence in your goal-getting. Don’t confuse continued learning with information hoarding though, that will definitely slow progress. So as you look at how continued learning can help your confidence, keep in mind you have to apply the knowledge.

Deana's book available now with a stack and cover reveal
  • Flexibility: When you learn new concepts or gain tools and resources, you become better equipped and prepared to adapt. Changing circumstances don’t scare flexible people. The find a way…
  • Innovation: Continuous learning empowers you to make well-informed decisions in a creative and YOUnique way. As a Valued, Amazing Lady in business this is a competitive advantage.
  • Self-Confidence: Skills and knowledge reinforce your convictions and your ability to stick to them.

Conquering confusion requires your participation individually, but when supported collectively, you’re chances at success are much better.

Learning to create and cultivate a strong community is one way to keep yourself supported, and steady in your goal-getting.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to building a strong community.

  • Different Perspective: It’s true that yours is not the only perspective. To that end, it helps to learn and hear from others. Other perspectives help give you fresh insights and can even spark creativity.
  • Collaborative Learning: Sharing experiences within a community can accelerate personal and professional growth.
  • Support: Creating or participating in a community can offer emotional support during those times when things are challenging. But also to celebrate with you with things go well.
  • Accountability: There’s that component again. With a community, you have people to help hold you to your commitments so you’ll keep making progress. (Read about Powerful Partnerships HERE)

You are the one responsible and accountable for counting the cost of what it will take to achieve your definition of success.

When it’s all said and done you’ll be the one “holding the bag” when it comes to how you applied what you learned. This includes any level of success and growth in your faith, life, and business.

Calculating the cost for your level of achievement is on you and you’ll have to do things like

  • Plan Realistically: Personally, professionally, as well as spiritually. We may dream about our future and what it will take to get us to that vision, but it’s the work in our present that will get us there.

Over the years I’ve come to learn 3 Keys to Prioritized Focus and you can grab a one-sheet printable here.

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Let’s keep going with ways you can calculate the cost responsibly.

  • Reducing Risk: Taking the time to identify and calculate your costs up front you can potentially alleviate risks. By becoming aware of risks you can come up with a back up plan so that you’re not freaked out or “caught completely by surprise.” (you can’t always avoid the risks, but you can increase your chances at reducing them)
  • Preparing Resources: This one goes hand in hand with the above, reducing risk. Awareness of what could go wrong helps you set aside resources for those “just in case” times or events. This is not a permission slip to overthink or panic, but rather a confidence booster to your resilience.
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The practical and tactical long and short of conquering confusion and propel your progress are

  • Identifying and staying true to your Convictions
  • Amplifying what it takes to Check-In on YOU
  • Clarifying how you build and strengthen your Confidence
  • Solidifying who is meant to be part of your Community and be an active participant
  • Comply with where and when you need to Count the Cost for your success

Each of these pieces contributes to a well-rounded and dare I even say, harmonious approach in conquering confusion.

No matter how messy you find the process, know that sticking with it will have you propelling toward progress, fostering the kind of growth that goes deep, and build the confidence God created you to have and show. All this when executed consistently will keep you increasing the chances of that achievement that seems so elusive now, but will suddenly become your “overnight success!”

Praying you incorporate these practical and tactical strategies to create a beneficial and effective approach to your goals.

getting tactical with my goal-getting right there with ya,

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