Prioritizing Your Mission In the Marketplace: Souls, Impact & Purpose

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Sometimes your mission as a valued, amazing lady in business can really get lost in the shuffle of all those papers and post-it’s on your desk, right?

Operating in excellence and being in alignment with your God-given assignment may be your mission. But sometimes the bottom line and deadlines can be a huge distraction and difficult to ignore.

In other words,

  • sales are squishing out those souls you’ve committed to truly reaching.
  • Income needs are inching into your focus more than the impact you intend to have.
  • Parlaying your business from an extension of how to showcase God’s purpose through you has now become your #1 emergency prayer!

Listen, I get how hard it can be as a Christian solopreneur to focus on prioritizing mission in the marketplace.

You know, the mission you strive to focus on:

  • souls over sales,
  • impact over income, and
  • praying for His purpose over yours.
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If I sound like I know this struggle all too well, you’re a smart cookie.

Your Mission in the marketplace: buzzword or buzzkill?

Wondering if this term is just a buzzworthy trend or a vibe killing your business? I get it, so let’s break it down so you can be sure where you stand as a Christian business.

Buzzword? You decide…

  • Trendy Talk, No Traction: if your mission lacks attracting those you serve, it’s a big subtraction from your assignment. And just another bandwagon business buzzword.
  • Image Over Impact: fancy fonts and wowing websites mean little beyond buzz-worthy branding. Especially if there’s no real change happening for those you’re assigned to share your mission through your business.
  • Flaky & Fickle: when your mission flip-flops more than a fish out of water. You’ll not only suffer from consistency issues but from a message that resonates with those you were meant to serve.
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Buzzkill? Could be…

  • Misaligned Madness: wasting energy and resources on moves that are not in alignment with your assignment or business objectives. That can definitely be a real buzzkill!
  • Overzealous Overdrive: so mission-focused that you neglect other crucial aspects of your business. It’s like pushing the gas pedal to the floor without a roadmap. You might gain speed, but you’ll also risk losing control and burning out.
  • Authenticity Amnesia: your mission needs to be more than just a trendy slogan. Your assigned peeps can spot inauthenticity from a mile away, and that’s a buzzkill. For them and you!

Your mission has a heart and who it beats for will stand out in the marketplace.

Embracing your assignment with love and understanding the distinct roles vision, mission, and goals have in your business is crucial to your focus.

First, let’s do a quick clarification of vision, mission & goals.

  • Vision – The Far-Off Cloud: The distant horizon you can see, but not quite touch. It’s what you’re reaching for. It’s your North Star. Vision is where you want to be.
  • Mission – The Heart Behind the Vision: It’s a special assignment given to you for the benefit of others. It’s not about you. Your mission is the reason (heart) behind the vision. God’s mission for you comes by way of the vision He’s given you.
  • Goals – The Milestones: Goals are the target we aim our focus. What we do to hit that target is called practice, and the more we practice is how we become skilled at hitting the target. These are milestones that become the stepping stones toward our intent to uphold our mission and reach our vision.

And for more in depth on these be sure to read Chapter 7 in my book! Learn more here

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It’s important to uncover why your mission isn’t just a slogan but the heartbeat of your God-given assignment.

Your mission in the marketplace is more than just words; it’s about creating an impact fueled by love.

At the heart of your mission is love.

Not cold, calculated strategies, but genuine care for the souls, you aim to impact through your faith, life, and business.

Love is the thing that will drive you to go the extra mile for those you’re assigned to serve.

Positive change is what is brought through love – to the lives of others and you.

Transformation happens when you view business as a heartfelt journey, not a desitination to arrive.

Prioritizing Souls Over Sales

When you determine the heart of your mission is about the people you serve, you make a declaration that your business (and life for that matter) is a vessel for change.

At the heart of your business is not about selling products, but about a sacred commitment to something much bigger. - hero

Serving others through your business can be the biggest catalyst for growth and positive change. If you’re struggling to figure out just what that is, the answer is closer than your next breath.

Ask, seek, knock, and He’ll answer, show you, and open that next door. IF…you believe Him. (Read this post for more about the “secret” behind ask, seek, knock)

Impact & Influence Over Income

I call this, the Flow to Grow in Chapter 12 of my book. When it comes to ‘the marketplace’ impact and influence is the name of the mainstream game. However, when it comes to your mission, impact, influence, and income become the result, not the goal itself.

Here’s how I break it down in my book:

Flow + Glow = Growth

Your Flow –> Your God-given “thing” that He’s especially equipped & designed you to do in service for others. (when you’re not overthinking or overcomplicating it, it’s easy for you)

Your Glow –> You’re in your sweet spot and others can see it in you and on you. Your face is reflecting God’s gift to you for the sake of others. (people can see how lit up you are & can’t help but to be sparked by your “glow”)

The Growth –> The result of living in your flow and showing off your glow! The results are felt by others, benefitting you both.

One of my favorite flows…

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Souls over sales is a reminder that success is measured by the hearts touched and the lives transformed through your mission-driven approach in the marketplace!

Purposed for your mission in the marketplace & beyond.

You see, we all have one common purpose, whether in the marketpace or not, and it’s this: to share the good news to others of God’s love for them. And get this, God’s been preparing and equipping us to succeed at it our whole lives! (here’s a post about it and it’s also episode #1 on the podcast)

heart-shaped fingerprint with One Common Purpose written across it with

With God as your ultimate coach and guide, you never have to worry about being distracted by the busyness or buzzworthy trends of the marketplace.

Rooted in faith, love, and authentic service to others is more than a mantra to you. It’s the heart behind what keeps you focused and mission-driven.

Success, is measured by the hearts you touch and the souls you inspire. So, embrace your mission with love, stay aligned with His purpose, and continue the journey of significance.

Your mission isn’t just a buzzword––it’s a testament to His glory, and that will always stand out in the marketplace.

keeping focused on the mission before the marketplace right there with ya,

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Here are 3 ways I’d love to help you with your mission while I’m in the middle of mine:

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