30-Day Faith & Focus Printable Guide


Without faith, the focus is always going to be HARD! Have you forgotten what a Valued, Amazing Lady you are?

Now’s the time to strengthen both your faith & focus while on the way to your goals.

Take a 30-Day journey to combine the two so that you’re not only equipped to handle those goals and projects, but empowered to actually DO IT with confidence!

It’s time to mean business when it comes to growing your faith & focus while working your business.


This 30-Day Faith & Focus Guide is part devotional, part workbook. Both parts will get you focused on your priorities, your boundaries, and your projects.

Once you have your BIG picture goal, just the next 30 days in front of you. Sometimes it takes a step back from the BIG picture so that focus can be made on the day-to-day. Just 30 days at a time.

The 30-Day Faith & Focus Guide is just what you need to get started in strengthening your Faith & Focus “muscles”. See how they go hand in hand when it comes to your BIG picture goal.

Each day in the guide includes:

  • a Bible verse
  • how that verse applies to a goal-getter’s life
  • reflection questions and application prompts specific to the verse of the day
  • a daily focus mantra
  • links for additional resources or encouragement

This is 160 pages of guidance, encouragement, and a bit of the push you need to not only keep going but go with hope & confidence!

Whether you print it out and use it as a workbook or grab a journal to record whatever this digital download sparks in you and for you, you will see a different you in 30 days.





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