Mini-Course: Let’s MAP your goals!


New to 30-Day Prioritized Focus? This is the place to start!

Setting goals isn’t the problem…you’re awesome at that! It’s the “getting” of the goals that seem to keep giving you the slip.

Let’s change that with this quick, easy mini-course on how to become a focused goal getter. Four steps to get you on the right

path to taking your goal setting to focused goal getting – every time.

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Deana guides you step by step in five short videos (about 10 minutes each) to literally help you understand what it really means to MAP your goals. Watch all the videos one right after each other binge style or one day at a time as you apply the information into action steps. (which Deana makes so easy for you to do)

Either way, you’ll be equipped and prepared to MAP any goal and move from being just a goal setter to a real goal GETTER!


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